If you’re looking for a vintage style wedding dress I’m sure you will fall in love with the Paula Moore 2018 bridal collection. Paula creates vintage-inspired bespoke dresses for today’s brides, designed and handmade in Great Britain.

After designing wedding dresses in the UK for 35 years, specifically vintage style dresses for the last 10, Paula realised there was a gap in the market for beautifully designed and crafted 50s-inspired wedding dresses alongside a relaxing, boutique environment to try them on in. To add to the experience, Paula now offers her customers a personal service to try on the collection.

Using her years of experience and knowledge, Paula designs vintage era gowns for today’s women and, most importantly, today’s women’s figures. The Paula Moore 2018 collection features cute bows, polka dots, scalloped edges, optional dropped back hemlines, beautiful silk and delicate lace.

The seven wedding dresses in the 2018 collection are all available in tea length and long, and there is also a selection of jackets available to finish off your bridal look.

Paula Moore 2018 Bridal Collection - Annie Dress with Jacket

Paula Moore Bridal Service

Paula told us a little bit about her unique bridal design service…

“I am deeply passionate about designing and creating utterly beautiful and bespoke dresses to make brides feel amazing on their special day. Through my years of experience and being a bride myself, I understand that finding the wedding dress is imperative to each bride. I offer women who, like me, love the vintage era, something unique and personal just for them.

“Your wedding day is one the most important in a woman’s life, and central to the day is the perfect dress. I have been passionate about vintage bridal fashion for more than 20 years and pride myself in creating dream dresses from the first brush stroke on paper to the final stitch in your wedding dress.

“My favourite dress changes from week to week, but I particularly love Helly and Lilianna. If I had to choose one it would be Helly. I love the simplicity of the shape and the neckline, and the deep v at the back with the covered buttons. I have sourced other fabrics which would look totally different but stunning in this style. It has a real classic elegance.”

Inspiration Behind the Paula Moore 2018 Bridal Collection

One of the things I love most about the Paula Moore 2018 collection is each dress has a story. This helps to not only understand why the dress has been designed as it has, but it also helps us get to know the designer herself. Paula has really thought about the creative concept of each incredible dress, and these are Paula’s inspiration stories…


“This wedding dress has a combined touch of the Grace Kelly’s and the Audrey Hepburn’s all rolled into one. Helly has stayed true to the dress I saw whilst research 1950’s British Vogues, which was a great inspiration. Made from beautiful embroidered tulle, I wanted to create a timeless classic, suitable for all seasons. I have used a slightly softer boned canvas bodice inside this dress to give structure and support.

Helly Wedding Dress from the Paula Moore 2018 Bridal Collection

“I named Helly after my lifelong best friend. We grew up together loving the same things. Drawing, vintage and retro, textiles and cooking. I think we were a couple of odd balls in the village!

“We both attended the same art school then separated to do our degrees, Helly to Brighton and me to Glasgow. In no time we had graduated and were back living together in London and starting our careers in textiles and fashion.

“We are still as close as ever, were maid of honour for each others weddings, and get away on girlie weekends as often as we can. My Helly dress reminds me of my very special friend.”


“As a core part of the Paula Moore 2018 collection, I wanted to create classical dresses using Italian silk duchess satin. My aim was to keep the feeling of the gown that inspired me from the 1950’s and design something classically stylish with a sense of occasion. I designed the pleats from the skirt to optically carry up through the waistband, reappearing and continuing up and over the bust.

Lilianna Wedding Dress from the Paula Moore 2018 Bridal Collection

“Lilianna has a lustrous quality that only silk can provide. The folds gently hold themselves in place and the embellished waist finishes off the dress perfectly. There is a hidden boned canvas bodice which adds support and structure to this gorgeous wedding dress.

“I named Lilianna after my best friend Helly’s eldest daughter. She is growing up quickly and becoming more and more like her mother. I am very proud of Lilly and her sister Evie; I just need to design another dress so that Evie won’t feel left out.”


“This dress is a real 1950’s classic. Tilly is extremely elegant with a wonderfully flattering neckline.

“The design lends itself beautifully to Italian silk duchess satin. The shoulder straps sit widely apart, opening up the neckline. I added a full circle skirt to bring movement and make it more fun to wear, and I kept the under bust band and bow from the 1950’s original, which gives the style an added vintage element. The dress is beautifully structured and has a concealed boned canvas bodice hidden between the outer and lining layers. I love this style so much I wore it for my own wedding.

Tilly Wedding Dress from the Paula Moore 2018 Bridal Collection

“I named Tilly after the second eldest of my four nieces. The other three ended up on the cutting room floor, but I fully intend to include them all in the next collection.

“Tilly is beautiful inside and out. She is training to be a midwife – I couldn’t be a prouder auntie.”

Agnes Lace

“I wanted to create a super soft and floaty gown in contrast to the silk duchess satin dresses in the Paula Moore 2018 collection. Agnes Lace has a concealed firm boned canvas structure hidden between the outer and lining layers, softened by the gathered (gauged) waistline and the gathering of the soft lace fabric around the waist. I love the transparency of the soft gathered shoulder straps wrapping across the bust and into the upper waist seam.”

Agnes Lace Wedding Dress from the Paula Moore 2018 Bridal Collection

Agnes Polka Dot

“A variation on the Agnes Lace style. Polka dots encapsulate the playfulness of the 1950’s. The full circle skirt is smooth at the waist line. The knife pleated waistband gives flattering structure to the waist. A second layer of organza lays beneath the embroidered polka dots giving extra volume and romance to this wedding dress.

“I love the transparency of the soft gathered shoulder straps wrapping across the bust and into the upper waist seam.

Agnes Polka Dot Wedding Dress from the Paula Moore 2018 Bridal Collection

“I named both Agnes styles after my gorgeous great aunty Agnes. What a woman! Born in 1917, she was always there for us with love and a wonderful sense of humour. She was a lady who loved to help, always giving to others and never taking in return. She lived until she was almost 100, with a twinkle in her eye and a wink for the boys.”


“I wanted to create a playful wedding dress, and I love how relaxed and confident this dress feels when worn. The tulle embroidered with polka dots screams 1950’s carefree exuberance. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the structured canvas bodice and boning hidden between the outer and lining layers provide the structure and support required.

“I took inspiration from the 1950’s dress I researched in Vogues at the V&A museum. The halter-neck straps fall widely across the shoulders, which is wonderfully flattering. I love the structure of this dress and wanted to create something similar, focusing on comfort and being able to move, eat and relax. The full circle skirt, smooth at the waistline, is wonderful for dancing.

Annie Wedding Dress from the Paula Moore 2018 Bridal Collection

“I named Annie after my sister Anne. She is the party girl in our family, always the first on the dance floor and the last off. If we were a comedy act I would be the serious one whilst she would be the confident, funny one! We are super-close, often thinking and saying the same thing at the same time.

“Annie is great fun to be around, always looking for a good time and ready to put on her dancing shoes at a moment’s notice.”


“I took my inspiration for Primrose from a wonderful 1950’s dress pattern; the elegance caught my imagination immediately. I wanted to include a strapless wedding dress in the Paula Moore 2018 collection and aimed to create a style which was a little more formal, so chose to work with Italian silk duchess satin.

“I love the dropped back hemline (which is optional). The silk gives a lustrous quality and I have added knife pleats to the waistband, making the dress flattering to wear. Behind the pointed bustline there is a second fitted straighter neckline. A hidden internal boned canvas layer gives the bodice structure and support, vital for strapless dresses.

Primrose Wedding Dress from the Paula Moore 2018 Bridal Collection

“I named Primrose after my parents’ friend Miss Primrose Melville. She became a wonderful influence on my life. Primrose never married or had children, so us kids became very close to her.

“She was very well spoken, well mannered and never judged anyone by appearance. Primrose had a passion for the arts and theatre, spoke three languages, smoked like a chimney and drank like a fish. I absolutely loved her! She adored animals and could never walk past a dog without stopping for a chat. She was a wonderful influence on my life and a great friend and drinking partner.”

Find Out More

The Paula Moore boutique is in Walthamstow London. For more information on the Paula Moore 2018 bridal collection and how to book your personal appointment, visit paulamoore.co.uk.

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