Tall floral arrangements are a popular choice for wedding reception table centrepieces, but if you think outside the box you can use your wedding tables to really wow your guests. Here are some of my favourite wedding table centrepiece ideas…

Apothecary Jars

Perfect for creating rustic or contemporary looks, apothecary jars make great wedding table centrepieces. Add wild foliage and berries for an autumnal look, or bright single flowers to add colour to your tables. Maybe add fresh fruit to match your colour scheme, such as apples or oranges, for an alternative look.

Apothecary Jar Filled with Apples for Wedding Table Centrepiece


Teacups aren’t just for drinking your favourite brew from. Vintage teacups make wonderful vases for floral centrepiece decorations. Cut down some flowers to match your bouquet and then place them in teacups with a little water. Teacups look stunning on long tables because you can place several in a line down the centre. Then, scatter some petals in between for a soft romantic look.

Teacup Filled with Flowers for Wedding Table Centrepiece

Upcycled Bicycle Wheels

Bicycle wheels as a wedding table centrepiece? Upcycled and made into a sturdy centrepiece, bicycle wheels make perfect table decorations. Add fresh flowers, ribbon, foliage, lights or anything else that matches your wedding theme. You can complement these with smaller vases of flowers around the base too.

Upcycled Bicycle Wheel Used as Wedding Table Centrepiece

Long Tables

Long tables rather than lots of round tables are popular for wedding receptions because they allow your guests to mingle. Get creative by making some DIY vases. Simply spray some paint cans and then place your chosen flowers inside. Display them down the centre of your tables and add some smaller tins and candles in between to give your guests something to look at.

Long Wedding Table Styled with Copper and Greenery

Various Flowers

Don’t think that all your centrepieces need to look the same. Add different flowers to a variety of glass vases for a colourful, contemporary look. Keep the rest of your table simple and then add a colourful table runner to display your vases on.

Various Flowers Used as Wedding Table Centrepieces

Maypole Charmed Chandeliers

Glam-up your tables by using Maypole Charmed Chandeliers as your centrepieces. Adorned with colourful charms, they have large crystal drops below each candleholder. Personalise them by adding some vintage jewels or flower heads, with some colourful ribbons to match your theme. They will definitely get your guests talking!

Maypole Charmed Chandeliers

So get creative and throw out tradition by thinking outside the box for your wedding table centrepieces.

Guest post by Lindsey Hunter of Get Knotted

Images from…

Apothecary Jars and Various Flowers: Duncan Ireland Photography

Teacups: Amanda J Alvares Photography

Upcycled Bicycle Wheels and Long Tables: Get Knotted

Maypole Charmed Chandeliers: Alex Martin Photography

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