Wedding ceremony styling is a great way to make your exchange of vows even more personal. Here are a few ways you can personalise and style your ceremony…

Aisle Runners

I love the idea of using a length of fabric to add detail to the wedding aisle. It can make a bold statement and really lift the overall look of your day, and the pattern you choose can take you from traditional elegance to modern and fun. I particularly love these chevron runners; they’re incredibly stylish and add a touch of detail the aisle needs. What do you think? Too much or perfect?

Wedding Ceremony with Chevron Aisle Runner


I love the petal decoration used to style the ceremony aisles at traditional Indian weddings. Although the bride’s dress will sweep the petals along as it glides over them, the overall look is stunning.

Wedding Ceremony Styling with Petals and Lanterns Down Aisle

Pew/Seat Ends

If you’re not allowed to cover the aisle with anything then think about the edges of the pews or seats alongside the edge of the aisle. Pew ends of flower posies are still popular (and easy for guests to take with them to the reception if you so wish), but small touches such as paper wheels, ribbons, and paper pom poms add a splash of colour down the aisle.

Colourful Pinwheels

Ceremony Arch/Backdrop

Why let your wedding ceremony styling stop at the end of the aisle? Think about creating an arch of colour to marry underneath or a backdrop that will frame your special moment for awesome photographs!

Wedding Ceremony Arch of Foliage and Flowers

Outside Your Ceremony Venue

You can involve your family or bridal party in making decorations to use for your wedding ceremony styling inside and outside your venue. Shepherd hooks with hanging decor look beautiful either side of a path way to your venue and bring the beginning of the aisle outside, as do the hearts on sticks that can be added to grass or little pots that can moved around.

Jar of Flowers Hanging off Shepher Hook at End of Wedding Ceremony Aisle

Pick a Seat Not a Side

If you’ve ever searched Pinterest for wedding inspiration (in fact, are there any brides to be who haven’t?) then you’ll have probably seen a variation of this sign. Totally eschewing the tradition of seating guests according to whether they know the bride or groom, this gives everybody the option to sit wherever they like.

White Wooden Pick a Seat Not a Side Ceremony Sign

You don’t need to worry about the extra special guests losing out to early birds either. A friendly ‘reserved’ sign will ensure that Aunty Gladys and your Granddad will see everything!

Seating arrangements are not as traditional as they once were, with celebrations becoming more informal and intimate.

Reserved Signs on Wedding Ceremony Chairs

Your Big Entrance

For a totally ‘wow’ ceremony entrance, why not ditch the traditional bridal party entrance and opt for a bridal parade? You can make banners, wave ribbons, play instruments, and generally make a ruckus.

Bridesmaid Dancing Down Wedding Aisle

For an outdoor, evening wedding, sparklers create a magical entrance for the couple and their nearest and dearest. You could precede the parade with one of these adorable ‘here comes the bride’ signs – a great way to involve a child in your ceremony.

Guest post by Kirsten Butler, The Little Wedding Helper

Images from…

Chevron Aisle Runner: Heather Lynn Photographie

Petals Down Aisle: onelove Photography

Pinwheels: Captured by Katrina

Ceremony Arch: Helen Howard Photography

Flowers Hanging from Shepherd Hook: Anna Lee Media

Pick a Seat Sign: Connection Photography

Reserved Sign: Segerius Bruce Photography

Dancing Down Wedding Aisle: Jacob Boodrie