What will you be walking down the aisle on? Many wedding venues, particularly hotels, have a red carpet as the wedding aisle runner. Does your wedding theme and/or colour scheme go with red? How about making your wedding entrance more personal with a beautiful ceremony aisle runner?

Aisle runners can make your ceremony; they can be eye-catching and decorate your ceremony venue without huge expense. How about scattering rose petals in different shades the whole way down the aisle, or use a dictionary definition of ‘love’, ‘wedding’ or similar, and attach this to the venue floor (this will only work with wood, tiled or concrete floors, but make sure you ask the venue first). You could even create a ‘timeline’ of your relationship using pictures from when you first met until right up to your wedding day, and have these attached to a runner. Even a simple length of funky patterned material to complement your wedding style will look great.

Be sure guests take their seats via the side aisles, so the aisle runner remains intact for when the bride walks down the aisle.

Here are some of our favourite wedding aisle runner ideas. Be creative… it might not have been something you have even thought about, yet this could make a huge impact to your wedding ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony Aisle Runner Ideas Mood Board


Personalised Ceremony Aisle Runner – Oh lovely Day

Ribbon Aisle Runner – Bridal Snob

Flower Petal Pattern Wedding Aisle – Picture by Barbara Alessandra Photography

Natural Petal Wedding Ceremony Aisle Runner – Via Something Green

Rug Wedding Aisle Runner – Elizabeth Anne Designs, Picture by Jose Villa

Shaded Rose Petal Wedding Aisle Runner – Martha Stewart Weddings

Dictionary Definition Aisle Runner – Via It’s a Bride’s Life

Material Wedding Aisle Runner – Ashley Rose Photography