2018 is going to be a wonderful year for colourful weddings if the Pantone colours for spring are anything to go by. The one colour that stands out is the colour of the year, Ultra Violet. Vibrant, playful and bold, lots of couples will want to incorporate this intriguing colour into their wedding day. From choosing Ultra Violet as your main colour scheme or simply adding hints of the colour, there are plenty of details to choose from for your wedding day. Shropshire Petals share their dried floral Ultra Violet wedding must-haves.

Throwing Confetti

A wedding wouldn’t be complete without the magical confetti moment. When it comes to finding a confetti mix for an Ultra Violet wedding you can choose a block colour, a mix of different purple shades, or a purple shade combined with ivory or white to make the colours stand out more. Amethyst and Midnight Bloom are two delphinium petals that work wonderfully as throwing confetti for an Ultra Violet wedding. Use our online pick and mix tool to create your own unique confetti mix.

Hands Holding Amethyst Confetti Petals

Confetti Packaging

How you display your confetti before the all-important confetti throw is up to you and your personal styles…

  • Match your colour scheme with Personalised Confetti Cones printed in Ultra Violet on your chosen design.
  • Give guests their own portion of confetti by attaching an individual sachet to the order of service, or tying a cone to the back of each chair at your ceremony.
  • Ask your flower girls to carry an Ultra Violet confetti mix in cute baskets or lilac Confetti Pails.
  • Present your confetti in a fun vessel such as Confetti Pops or Confetti Wands – perfect for the kids.
  • Display your confetti in a more unusual way, like a confetti bar. Or, hang cones filled with confetti on an old wooden pallet for guests to help themselves.

Confetti Pops Filled with Midnight Bloom Confetti

Confetti Wand Filled with Midnight Bloom Confetti


Lavender is the perfect dried floral must-have when it comes to adding a little extra on your wedding day. From venue styling to making DIY table decorations, Lavender is versatile and the ideal colour for an Ultra Violet wedding.

Lavender Bunch Tied to Wedding Chair

Add some colour to your reception chairs by tying lavender bunches to them with some raffia or coloured ribbon. How about attaching a sprig or two to your place names and napkins for a pretty table place setting? Or, create your own candle decorations by attaching small sprigs to a candle holder for a pretty glow on your tables.

Ultra Violet Wedding Table Styling with Wheat and Lavender Bunch

Wheat and Lavender Bouquet

Dried flowers and wheat are a fantastic alternative to traditional fresh flower bouquets. Choose a posy or wheat sheaf with lavender for a delicate hint of Ultra Violet. If you want to add some colour or ivory to your bouquet, add some fresh flowers on the morning of your wedding, or opt for a wheat sheaf or posy with dried roses included.

Bride Holding Lavender and Wheat Bouquet with Rose

However you plan on including Ultra Violet on your wedding day, using dried floral elements such as confetti and lavender is a great way to add a touch of colour.

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