Are you looking to host your wedding in a more relaxed setting rather than a formal hotel? Tipis are perfect for creating a dramatic yet peaceful wedding. There are lots of variations to choose from, including single large tipis to smaller sectional tipis, and even glamping spaces for your guests. Tipis are versatile when it comes to space and how much or little you need, and you can style them however you wish, but these are my top tipi wedding styling ideas…

Natural Wood

Wooden Wedding Table in Tipi

Use natural trestle tables and benches. The natural wood will add to your overall look as it complements the tipi style and colour allowing you to get creative with the rest of your styling. You can also use natural wooden benches for your guests to sit on for your reception, or mix it up by adding a touch of sophistication with some chiavari chairs.

Flowers and Greenery

Wedding Table Styled with Bright Flowers and Greenery

Style the wedding tables inside your tipi using lots of greenery in jars together with floral accents in your chosen colours. Get your friends and family involved with growing flowers to include on your tables for a personal touch.


Fairy Lights on Tipi Posts

Add plenty of tea lights to your tables for some extra soft décor. This will add some romantic mood lighting when the natural daylight starts to fade. Also make use of the tipi structure by winding some fairy lights around the poles to add further lighting. This will create a pretty glow inside the tipi.

Suspended Florals

Installation of Foliage and Flowers Hanging in Wedding Marquee

Complete the look by suspending flowers and greenery overhead. This will add interest to your tipi wedding styling and all the aspects you have included. Perhaps you could even make your own flower chandelier?

Informal Seating

Informal Seating Inside Wedding Tipi

Create a space or have your tables and seating moved after the reception meal for some informal seating. Add some scatter cushions and a rug for a touch of homely cosiness.

Outdoor Seating

Basket of Blankets

Create some outdoor seating areas for your wedding guests by using straw bales to complement the relaxed atmosphere inside the tipi. Style these with some cosy blankets, pillows and throws, leaving some extra ones in a basket for guests to use when it gets colder.

Drinks Station

Glass Drinks Dispensers

Set up an informal drinks station outside for guests to help themselves. Include your favourite tipples or a cocktail mixing station.

On-Site Camping

Bell Tents for Camping at Wedding

Organise a bell tent village for some fun accommodation for friends near to the main tipi. Why not also organise breakfast for the morning after to share memories of your wedding day before everyone departs?

Guest post by Lindsey Hunter of Get Knotted

Images from…

Wooden Table/Bench: Tatum Reid Photography

Table Styling: Lamare London

Fairy Lights on Posts: Archibald Photography

Hanging Installation: Helen Abraham Photography

Informal Seating: PapaKåta

Basket of Blankets: Anna Hardy Photography

Drinks Station: Kerry Ann Duffy Photography

Bell Tents Camp Site: Neil Walker Photography

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