Typically your wedding guests will spend at least two hours sat at their tables, and in some cases, where dancing is taking place in the same room, the rest of the reception. The ‘wow’ factor that couples strive for in the room where their guests will dine is largely created by their wedding table styling.

Table styling is one of my favourite parts of planning a wedding. The options are so extensive and there is also the opportunity to be imaginative and creative. Here are some things to consider when styling your wedding tables…

High and Low Designs

Where you have more than seven tables and the ceiling height is conducive to the look, I always suggest two designs for the tables, one high and one low. This creates a varying eye line as guests enter the room and makes the room instantly visually interesting.

Where you have perhaps more than 12 tables you could come up with three designs of varying heights. I suggest keeping the colour scheme the same for each table, otherwise the look becomes more eclectic and not quite as styled.

Elegant Wedding Table Styling

Pin Spotting

Pin spotting, if it is an option at your venue, is a way to enhance the table centres. Switching peripheral lighting off and illuminating the room by just the pin spots creates warm pools of light on each table centre.


From vases to candelabra to flock boxes to lamps – so many options!

If you opt for vases you can fill them with lights, fruits, jelly that looks like ice with petals in it, shells, Christmas balls – almost anything to further enhance the arrangement that sits atop the vase.

Apples in Vase on Wedding Table

Silver, crystal, gold, flocked, wrought iron – there are so many candelabra options to co-ordinate with any theme or colour scheme. If you can’t have naked flames at your venue you can opt for battery powered lights. You can hollow out the top of a real candle and place a battery nightlight in it to create an authentic look.

Candelabra with Flowers in Centre

You can use other options including mirror boxes, flock boxes, lamps, birdcages, hurricane vases etc to complement your ideas.

Table Linen

Coloured linen also enhances wedding table styling. Again, don’t be afraid to mix it up, either by using napkins of a contrasting shade to the tablecloth or alternating two shades between the tables. This adds interest and stops the room looking too static or uniform.

Wedding Table with Grey Tablecloth


Candlelight, either battery or flame, creates instant ambience and can be used with low arrangements e.g. nightlights or tall displays, storm shades, tapering candles or church candles.

Glassware and Crockery

This is a great way to add some interest to your tables. Even just a coloured water glass makes a table less uniform.

Coloured Glass

Table Stationery

Keep in mind that your stationery is also part of your wedding table styling. Co-ordinate your table names/numbers, menus and place cards, either by printing them on a coloured card that complements your colour scheme or having them printed using a coloured text. If you are handwriting your place cards (perhaps using hand lettering), you can match the ink to your colour scheme.

1950s Styled Table Number

Guest post by Siobhan Craven-Robins

Images from…

Round Wedding Table: Allyson Magda Photography

Vases of Apples: Olivia Bossert Photography

Candelabra: Frankly Iris Photography

Grey Tablecloth: Emma Barrow

Coloured Glass: Amanda Karen Photography

Table Number: Toby Lowe Photography

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