Do you and your partner love music? How about creating a music themed wedding using sheet music; what better way to celebrate your shared love of music. Using old sheet music can create a vintage feel to your wedding, or if you want a more modern twist simply use new sheet music with modern songs!

If you are looking to create a DIY wedding this is really simple and fun to create. Sheet music makes the most gorgeous, subtle accent for just about any kind of wedding.

Here are some ways to use sheet music for your wedding.

Sheet Music Wedding Ideas Mood Board


LOVE Letters – Thoughts from Alice

Vintage Sheet Music Paper Bouquet – Vintage Twee

Sheet Music Paper Roses – My Girlish Wish

Groom’s Buttonhole Made from Sheet Music – Via Green Wedding Shoes, Picture by Alec Vanderboom

Bunting Made from Sheet Music – Show and Tell

Song Book – Picture by Secret Leaves Paperworks

Sheet Music Place Setting – Via Ruffled Blog, Picture by Brent Van Auken Photography

Music Escort Tags – Via Love and Lavender, Picture by Laura Murray

DIY Sheet Music Wedding Invitation Envelopes – Junky Chicken Via Flickr

Sheet Music Door Wreath – Picture by Ken Kienow

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