Whether it’s you, your soon to be husband/wife, or the in-laws with the Scottish heritage, sometimes at first look family tartan is not quite as you wish it was. Don’t panic, there are so many ways to bring little touches of tartan to your wedding day, or you can of course go totally over the top and have tartan everywhere. Whatever you choose, tartan will bring colour and life to your wedding day, so don’t be afraid to use it.

Add a Subtle Touch

Give a nod to family tartan using ribbon to tie the wedding bouquet, to go around the cake, or for table decorations. Use the base colour or a stripe in the tartan to define your wedding colour scheme and pick it up throughout the day.

Tartan Wedding Table Styling

Above, the brightest pink fabric brings out that gorgeous shade in the Gordon Red Ancient tartan. What looked like dull old green suddenly turned into a pretty, vibrant table setting.

All tartans contain five colours so look closely at the shades and pick out the one you love, and you can transform it with what you use to contrast or co-ordinate.

Check Your Options

If you really don’t like the tartan it is also worth checking if there are different variations. Most tartans have an Ancient, Modern and Weathered version, and often a Hunting or Dress variant too. These all have different colour tones, for example more pastel colours in the Ancient tartans, and white backgrounds in the Dress tartans, so you might find one you love.

Wedding Ceremony with Tartan Styling

Even if the groom is wearing a kilt in a specific tartan, the other variations from the same family always work well together because the basic pattern layout never changes. In the picture above, the Gordon Ancient, Modern and Weathered were all used in one ceremony.

The Wedding Party

Once you choose the theme for your wedding it is much easier for everyone else to tie in, and the wedding party can choose matching tartan waistcoats or ties and pocket squares. These are all things they can wear again too, so the investment is less painful.

Try to buy all your tartan from one place because, depending where the fabric has been woven, colours and dying can sometimes vary from one mill to another.

The Little Ones

Dressing children for weddings is never easy, but including pageboys and flower girls in the tartan theme often provides the solution, and kids do look very cute in tartan!

Pageboy Wearing Kilt and Holding Tartan Ring Cushion

A tartan sash over a simple white dress for the girls and a tartan tie for the boys looks really smart, and let them bring the rings in on a tartan ring cushion.

Children can sometimes be difficult about what they wear, and you want the day to be stress-free. So, if they don’t fancy wearing the hand-me-down kilt from great granny MacDonald, it is sometimes easier to let them choose a pair of tartan trews or shorts instead.

Little Surprises

There is nothing nicer than surprising your other half with something really personal. The groom won’t forget the moment the bride hitches up her dress to reveal a pair of shoes in his family tartan, and she won’t forget walking up the aisle and seeing the groom dressed in a three-piece suit in her family tartan. Now that is love!

Article by Anna White of ScotlandShop

Images from ScotlandShop

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