Confetti is essential on your wedding day – it’s a wonderful way to celebrate after you’ve said your ‘I do’s’. Your confetti moment is fun and the photo is sure to be one of your favourites from your wedding day. So, why not make displaying your confetti fun too? Shropshire Petals share their top five fun ways to display confetti…

Spell It Out

Love Spelt in Confetti - Fun Ways to Display Confetti

Spelling out words is a great way to display confetti. Delegate a member of the bridal party to spell out ‘love’, ‘Mr & Mrs’, your names or even a cheeky message to your guests in confetti on a table outside your ceremony. Just make sure it isn’t left in a windy spot! You could maybe place confetti on your reception tables with disposable cameras and ask guests to take photos of messages they make using confetti. This would also be perfect for an alternative guest book.

Confetti Cones

Confetti Cones - Fun Ways to Display Confetti

Provide your guests with confetti cones for your confetti moment. Each guest can take a cone and then throw confetti high above you when you walk by. Confetti cones can be placed in a variety of containers, such as baskets, wooden crates, vases and Shropshire Boxes. You could also mix and match your confetti cones by choosing two different colours to complement your wedding theme.

Vintage Suitcases

Vintage Suitcase Full of Confetti - Fun Ways to Display Confetti

Vintage style weddings are still popular, so why not display your confetti in a vintage suitcase? Choose a plain suitcase if you are having bright or bold confetti and a darker suitcase if you are having lighter or more neutral colours. Place yours near to where you will have your confetti moment so your guests can take a handful or two.

Confetti Buckets

Confetti Bucket - Fun Ways to Display Confetti

Younger bridesmaids and pageboys will look very cute holding a small bucket filled with confetti. Make them feel important by giving them the job of offering confetti to your guests – they will have fun handing it out. You could also order a little extra for them to play with after your confetti moment whilst photographs are being taken.

Confetti Pops

Confetti Pop - Fun Ways to Display Confetti

Confetti Pops are an exciting way for guests to shower you with confetti. Each guest gets their own Confetti Pop, and with a push and a throw out comes your confetti. Place your Confetti Pops in a container of your choice and make a sign asking guests to take one as they leave your wedding ceremony.

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