Country gardens make a perfect setting for a wedding. They are essentially a blank canvas, which enables you to be creative and style your wedding how you have always dreamed. Here are my top tips for styling a country garden wedding table.

Pots of Fresh Flowers

Add a collection of terracotta or rustic silver pots to your wedding tables, filled with small displays of fresh flowers.

Terracotta Pot Plants on Country garden Styled Wedding Table


Herbs are perfect for adding a subtle fragrance to your tables. Fill small pots with your favourite herbs to place on your reception tables and around the space you are using.

Pots of Herbs on Wedding Table


Cover and bind some cheap pots or candlesticks with moss to give your wedding tables a pretty, rustic look. This looks great if you’re planning a greenery styled country garden wedding.

Moss Covered Pot on Wedding Table


Set up your wedding tables under trees and hang lanterns, small lights or glass baubles with tea lights for some romantic lighting.

Lighting hanging from tree

Log Slices

Log slices are perfect for decorating your wedding tables. Pile a few log slices on your table to display flowers or vases to add some height.

Log Slice Wedding Tabkle Centrepiece

Greenery Garlands

Make your own greenery garlands to display down the centre of long tables. Combine these with some colourful flowers housed in terrariums for a contemporary look.

Greenery Garland Down Centre of Wedding Table

Watering Cans

Use some old galvanised watering cans as centrepieces to complete the country garden look. Fill them with moss, foliage and wildflowers.

Galvanised Watering Cans

Floral Prints

Make your own informal napkins using flowery prints and cut them with pinking shears.

Floral Napkins Under Pot of Rosemary

Wooden Tables

Complement the natural outdoors by using natural wood tables instead of standard banqueting tables.

Long Wooden Wedding Table


Use vintage style crockery on your wedding tables to complete the look.

Vintage Style Crockery on Wedding Table

Why not set up a Pinterest board to collate all your ideas, and then choose your favourite ideas to help style your country garden wedding table.

Guest post by Lindsey Hunter of Get Knotted

Images from…

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Pots of Herbs: Debs Ivelja Photography

Moss Covered Pot: EFC Photography

Tree Lighting: Joshua Kane Photography

Log Slice: Jasmine Jade Photography

Greenery Garland Table Centrepiece and Wooden Wedding Table: Fiona Kelly Photography

Galvanised Watering Cans: Judy Pak Photography

Floral Napkins: Pixabay

Vintage Style Crockery: Lumiere Photography