It’s the morning of your wedding and there’s that sense of anticipation and nervousness at what the day will bring, but there’s also a quiet moment to reflect and gather your thoughts. Maybe it’s before you greet everyone and start to prepare, or maybe it’s those few moments before you leave for the ceremony? Whatever the time, it’s a perfect moment to receive a beautiful wedding day love letter from the wonderful person you’re about to marry.

Bride Reading Wedding Day Love Letter

In the age of texts and instant messaging, there is something noble and achingly romantic about receiving a ‘love letter’. Our resident writer Rowena cherishes the letters she received from her husband in the days running up to their wedding, especially as they were 300 miles away from each other until the day before the wedding.

So, I want to share my top tips for writing a romantic, heartfelt wedding day love letter for your wife/husband-to-be to open on the morning of your big day.

Perfect Paper

A love letter becomes a treasured memento when you write it on beautiful, crisp paper. A sheet of lined A4 ripped out of your daily notebook just won’t do! The ultimate experts in etiquette, Debrett’s, say “personal letters should be handwritten on white, ivory or cream paper”. They also advise that the best quality papers carry a watermark and have a minimum weight of 100 gsm to avoid ‘show through’ of ink. If your budget allows, now is a good time to invest in personal stationery to write that letter.

Wedding Day Love Note

If you prefer something contemporary go for a coloured paper, but remember that your loved one will be reading a romantic letter. Avoid ‘retina burning’ colours such as acid yellows and greens, as they’re more reminiscent of a sticky note than something on which to write a romantic letter.

Can’t write straight on unlined paper? Use a lined under sheet to keep your words flowing straight and smooth.

Think About Ink

Write your wedding day love letter using good ink – no typewritten letters please! Also, use either classic blue or black ink – unless you’re particularly outgoing this isn’t the time to experiment with funky ink colours. Remember this could be an heirloom that’s shown to children and grandchildren in years to come.

Have I Told You Lately Message On Table

If a fountain pen scares you, choose a ballpoint pen that writes smoothly. Or, for a real touch of luxury, treat yourself to a Mont Blanc pen. I love the Mont Blanc Meisterst├╝ck White Solitaire Le Grand Fountain Pen.

What Should You Write in Your Wedding Day Love Letter?

You don’t need to be a poet, but you do need to write from the heart. It’s a time to be authentic. Although the temptation is to trawl the internet for love letter templates, please don’t! This is a heartfelt letter remember.

I recommend you start with what brought you to this incredible day. Think about your first meeting or first date, and what you noticed about them. Write down the things that make you smile or laugh when you’re together, and what you love about them most.

You're One in a Million Card

Don’t forget to look to the future too. What do you hope for from your wedding day onwards, and how do you feel? Write about how you look forward to sharing joyous times. From growing old together, to helping each other realise your dreams and ambitions, it’s time to say how much you’re looking forward to it all.

You could include a line or two from a poet or philosopher. I love this line from author Herman Hesse – “If I know what love is, it is because of you”. It’s simple, beautiful and heartfelt.

Successful Send

Once it’s written how are you going to send your wedding day love letter? Of course, you need to ensure it’s delivered in style!

A beautiful tissue lined envelope is a gorgeous way to protect your letter. The lining colour could contrast for impact. You could use a colour that reminds you of your loved one, or a colour that reflects the theme of your wedding stationery.

Wedding Day Love Letter and Macarons

Finally, you’ll want to make sure your wedding day love letter arrives on time. Hand delivery is the preferred choice. A bridesmaid/groomsman/trusted friend can be the courier, and maybe deliver it with breakfast and Champagne? Imagine a quiet moment reading an utterly romantic letter whilst sipping Champagne. It is, without doubt, a private moment, but it’s one with a tangible reminder of an amazing day and the love you share for each other.

Guest post by Vaishali Shah from Ananya

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