Whether it’s a colour wash of pretty pink or an edgy ombré of deep turquoise, watercolour is definitely having its moment at weddings. Whether your wedding colour scheme is soft and romantic or bold and vibrant, watercolour can work for you.

The appeal of watercolour to the contemporary bridal couple is in its versatility. From wedding stationery to wedding flowers, there’s a place for watercolour. You can use it in so many ways, and watercolour wedding stationery is an increasingly popular choice for couples who want something stylish and modern, without being too fussy.

Here are a few ideas for using watercolour on your wedding stationery…

Go Digital

Watercolour is essentially pigments suspended in a water-based solution which produce a beautiful luminous finish. Whilst often hand-painted, it’s possible to reproduce a watercolour effect digitally. This is good news if you have a big guest list and many invites to send out!

Pink Watercolour Wedding Invitation by Ananya Cards

Be Bold

Don’t be afraid to use bold colours on watercolour wedding stationery. For example, a deep cactus green against a bold terracotta background looks amazing.

Green and Orange Cactus Wedding Invitation by Ananya Cards

Use Seasonal Colours

Think about the time of year you’re having your wedding. If it’s a winter wedding you might want to go with a vibrant red or green colour wash to give your stationery a jolt of colour. Whilst if it’s a summer celebration you may opt for a softer sky blue colour to reflect the colour and light of the summer season.

Love Blue Watercolour Wedding Invitation by Ananya Cards

Embrace Nature

When it comes to patterns and print designs, watercolour wedding stationery works best without added sparkle or embellishment, and designs featuring plants and flowers work particularly well.

Pink Floral Watercolour Wedding Stationery by Ananya Cards

Simple Pleasures

Simple colour wash designs also work very well. Using one colour as the background you can make the most of a beautiful font. For example, a deep royal blue colour wash with fine gold font on a save the date card, invite or menu looks incredible.

Blue Watercolour Wedding Invitation by Ananya Cards

Have you fallen in love with the watercolour wedding trend? I hope so! Whether you love boho or bold contemporary, it’s perfect for a modern wedding any time of year and whatever your style.

Guest post by Vaishali Shah of Ananya

Images from Ananya