If you have children and are looking for ways to involve them in your wedding day, why not start by sending your invitations “from” them?

Although in the old days the wedding invitations were traditionally sent from the bride’s parents, this is no longer always either an option or appropriate (for example you might have been living together for a while or been previously married).

For many couples it makes perfect sense for the invitation to come from a young child (or children). The best news is that these days it is easier than ever to design and print your own wedding invitations, so you have the freedom to let your child’s imagination run wild and see what happens.

Here is a great example…

Wedding Invitation from Child

Gift List on Wedding Invitation from Child

I saw this amazing invitation stuck to a friend’s fridge over a YEAR after the wedding day! It was such a lovely invitation she felt she had to keep it.

This invitation was designed by fabulous Graphic Designer Alli George for his own wedding. His bride-to-be Louise asked the love of her life to design something that looked as if it was from their little two year old daughter. It also reflects the time of year of their wedding, Christmas.

As the couple had fourteen (fourteen!) children on their guest list, it was important that the design of invitation instantly conveyed that their wedding would not just be child-friendly, but child encouraged! The fun stick man and snowflake design extended to all the table stationery and gift bags.

Designing Your Own Wedding Invitation ‘from Your Child’

If you are thinking of designing your own wedding invitation from your young son or daughter, here are some tips:

  • Make sure to include the words “Mummy and Daddy are getting married!”.
  • Include some fun annotations. I love Alli’s “If you have any questions, don’t ask daddy he won’t know the answer!! (Silly daddy)”.
  • Use a font reminiscent of your son or daughter’s handwriting (no, NOT Comic Sans), but make sure it is clear and legible; there is important information to convey.
  • Ask your child to draw a picture to go on the invitation.
  • If they are too young to draw, think about hand or finger prints instead.
  • Follow your theme through on the place cards, thank you letters and table stationery.
  • If you have other ideas for your invitations, perhaps include a letter from your children to the younger guests instead.
  • Remember, children are often more creative than adults, so ask them to design an invitation and see what they come up with that will inspire you. As Picasso said “all children are artists, the problem is how to remain one when you grow up”.

Guest post by Lucy Pask

Invitation designed by Allister George

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