Indian wedding stationery can be every bit as glamorous, eye-catching and alluring as the wedding itself. Here are some ideas to make your stationery breathtaking and uniquely personal to you.

Your Style, Your Way

Your wedding stationery must mirror your style preference as a couple, regardless of what trend is in fashion. Talk to your stationery designer who will develop design choices based on your preference.

Blue Indian Wedding Save the Date

Traditional or Contemporary?

If you are going the traditional route, intricate patterns and colours that are strong, vibrant and exotic such as red, saffron orange and jewel green are favourites for Indian wedding stationery. You could take one colour such as gold and use that as an accent on your invite design. Bright and vibrant wedding invitations in striking colour combinations with a touch of gold and silver are very effective.

Pink, Orange, Green and Yellow Autumn Arrivals Indian Wedding Invitation

If you prefer a softer, more contemporary look, you can take one vibrant colour and soften it down a notch. Combining vibrant colours with the softness of watercolours, for example, can be a winning combination.

Choosing strong, contrasting or bold colours like purple and turquoise, which are not traditional wedding colours, can add dramatic appeal.

Green Autumn Arrivals Bold Indian Wedding Invitation

Using Symbols and Motifs on Indian wedding stationery

Marriage is a very symbolic ceremony, and you can incorporate a symbol that has a special meaning for you into your stationery.

Most Hindu weddings feature an image of Ganesh, the elephant God that symbolises good luck and the removal of obstacles, on the invitation. For a more contemporary invitation you can use an image of Ganesh with a more abstract and stylised look.

Yellow and Orange Ganesh Wedding Invitation

While motifs such as the lotus, paisley and peacock have traditionally been favourites for Indian wedding stationery, if you want to be different why not use a parrot, considered a bird of love in ancient India, and said to represent conjugal happiness? Another option is an elephant, a symbol of prosperity, wisdom, majesty and grace. Or how about a fish as a symbol for a beach wedding, said to represent happiness and good fortune?

Pink and Gold Trio of Life Parrot Wedding Table Number

Special Touches

Writing the wording on the invitation in calligraphy will give it a regal and personal touch. A monogram of the couple or a family crest looks striking too.

Nowadays, symbols, flowers and animals are also used in monograms. Incorporated into the ‘mandap’, menu, seating plan, stickers to seal envelopes, or even on wedding favours, would give a bespoke and individual touch.

Trio of Life Wedding Stationery Box

Screen printing is another option. Age old methods such as block printing give the invitation an authentic, traditional appeal. Other special touches include lined envelopes to match and harmonise with the stationery, and crystal embellishments to match the wedding outfit – a spectacular look.

With Your Guests in Mind

For those guests not familiar with the religious ceremony, a booklet explaining its significance is something they will really appreciate.

The Complete Indian Wedding Stationery Look

Finally, a suite of Indian wedding stationery including invitations, thank you cards, place cards, menu, table numbers and order of service that all harmonise with the wedding theme gives a professional and complete look.

Pink and Gold Indian Wedding Stationery Suite

Guest post by Vaishali Shah of Ananya

Images from Ananya