Save the date cards are the first important glimpse into your wedding and can build excitement and anticipation in your guests. They can be fun, light-hearted and humorous in tone, and there are many creative and imaginative ways to make them memorable. Here are a few suggestions of themes for fun save the date cards:


More and more couples are choosing destination weddings. For a travel themed save the date you could use a passport or a luggage tag design, and this could become a keepsake for your guests after the wedding. You could also have a card with a single suitcase on it or an illustration of colourful suitcases piled on top of each other.

Luggage Tag Fun Save the Date Idea for Destination Wedding

If it’s a winter destination wedding how about a ski pass as a save the date? You could have a scratch off save the date with the destination revealed when the guest rubs the scratch off section – very imaginative and fun as well!

Map Travel Theme Save the Date


Why not have your story illustrated as a comic strip with a few words describing where you met, how he popped the question, and where and when the wedding is taking place? This would be ideal for a fun, young at heart couple.

Products and Props

Colourful balloons which reveal the information when blown up is another fun save the date idea, and a calendar card with a pencil attached is a great way to ‘pencil in the date’.

Calendar Save the Date

A loosely tied knot attached to the inside of the card which ties the knot firmly when opened is also impressive, and clearly shows the ‘tying the knot’ idea.

Fridge magnets make practical and memorable save the dates. Your guests will remember your wedding every time they open their fridge.


A fun save the date with a photo of you as babies or toddlers can look very cute. Or you could use a series of smaller snapshots of the two of you from babies to school kids, to adolescents to the present day; a story of you in pictures… adorable!

Photographic Fun Save the Date Idea


Typographic cards are another way to showcase the creative use of text, and can be applied to various designs using different font sizes, types and colours. Bold, italics and use of punctuation marks can give the save the date card dramatic appeal.

Typographic Fun Save the Date Idea

Movie Theme

A favourite movie with a picture of you two dressed in suitable attire, with your names and wedding date emblazoned on the save the date card, is a fabulous way to announce your engagement and have the guests eagerly anticipate the big day.

In contrast to wedding invitations, which tend to be more formal, you can make save the date cards as playful and quirky as you like; your guests will not forget your wedding date!

Guest post by by Vaishali Shah of Ananya

Images from Ananya

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