Where do you start when it comes to choosing wedding stationery? Wedding stationery is usually one of the first pieces of the wedding jigsaw, and often a wedding invitation or save the date is the first physical purchase for your wedding that you will own and hold in your hand. Many couples tell us that the moment their wedding stationery arrives is when the wedding actually starts to feel real for them.

Your wedding invitations are the item that sets the tone for your wedding and lets your guests know what to expect from your big day. It therefore pays to make sure you get them spot on.

As you start looking at various websites, blogs, wedding magazines etc it is easy to find the choices of wedding stationery confusing. There’s a fascinating choice of styles, themes and colours to choose from, and many items that you won’t even know if you need.

Your Budget

The first decision that you have to make with your stationery is your theme, and the other important factor is your budget. These two usually go hand in hand. If you are planning a simple no frills wedding with a tight budget, then a simple no frills invitation should also be a budget option (you can find some great tips for budget wedding stationery here).

Rustic Wedding Invitation Suite

On the flip side, if you are planning a no holds barred, blow the budget luxury wedding day where money is no object, then choosing wedding stationery from the more expensive end of the spectrum will do very nicely.

A good way to look at how wedding stationery is priced is to start with the basics. A simple, flat, printed invitation on simple card would be your basic, low priced option. Additions to this, such as luxury card, specialist printing, ribbons and clusters, add to the price. So, the decision on how far (and how expensive) you want to take it really is up to you.

Luxury Wedding Invitation


Modern couples are truly blessed with the most dazzling array of sources for inspiration when choosing wedding stationery; magazines, blogs, websites, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to name just a few. Whilst this is a blessing, it can also be a curse as the options can be overwhelming.

The most important thing when thinking of a wedding theme is to remember that it is your day, so do it your way. Many couples feel pressured into coming up with an unusual theme to make their wedding stand out. A theme can be something as simple as a colour or an idea, such as blue, simple and understated, crystals and sparkles, or rustic. Some people live their lives immersed in a culture, with clothes, haircuts and friends to suit, but for others this is not so important. This should follow through to your wedding.

If you are not particularly bothered about a theme then don’t let this clutter your plans for your big day; just go with what makes you both feel happy. Don’t be afraid to take inspiration from where you find it. We love this image from an urban city centre wedding of a couple who were Manchester born and bred. It is a loose theme but one that suits the wedding and the couple, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Bride and Groom in City Centre

Saving and Narrowing Down Ideas

When choosing wedding stationery it is good to look through as much information as possible. Take notes, bookmark or cut out and keep designs and styles you like, as that way your style will almost take care of itself. By creating a shortlist of potential wedding stationery designs you like you can then narrow this down to the companies that you like. A lot of wedding stationers will have a signature style, although many have now spread their wings to incorporate many more designs and styles.

Be sure to keep an eye on the prices of the stationery that you are looking at too, as it’s easy to become swept away and end up in way over your head.


An important part of your wedding stationery theme is the colour/s. You may have a colour scheme in mind, and if so this will help to guide your choice of stationery. If not then you may decide on the style of invitation that you like and then match the colour to suit, and many invitation designs are available in a wide range of colours.

Rainbow Wedding Invitations

A lot of companies will offer free ribbon swatches in a few colours, and this is a good way to open dialogue with a stationery company and get a feel for what they have to offer. When requesting ribbon swatches it is always good to narrow your choice as much as possible. Many companies will have tens of different shades of a colour that sounds simple, such as blue, so if you were to request samples of blue, red, pink and neutrals this could easily total a hundred shades, so it is always wise to be as close as possible. If you are thinking of a sky blue, burgundy or ivory then it is much more beneficial for you to state this.

Once you have decided on a theme, a price point and a few companies that seem to fit your ideas, it is time to get ordering samples.

Guest post by Simon Alker of Made with Love Designs

Images from…

Rustic Invitations and Rainbow Wedding Invitations: Made with Love Designs

Luxury Wedding Invitations: Lela New York

Couple: Damian Brandon