The speeches are the one aspect of a wedding that usually brings about panic. Your wedding is coming up in two weeks and you are having to write a speech for the most important day of your life. Maybe you are even starting to have sleepless nights thinking about what you should say, and how to say it.

Having to write a wedding speech may leave you feeling stressed, as you don’t want to let your friends or family down when all eyes are on you, and you want everyone to be proud of you. This will be your moment and you want your speech to be remembered for all the right reasons!

Stressed groom drinking champagne from bottle during wedding speech

First of all, you have to decide who is going to make a speech. There is wedding protocol but this may not work for you, and as this is your wedding both of you should decide who does what. Then we come to the point of your own speech – whether you are a bride or groom. Alternatively, you might like to be the first of your friends to make a joint speech.

You know you can speak to a group of friends or have a one-to-one conversation, but might not be very good at standing up in front of everyone and being the centre of attention. You deliver presentations at work to your colleagues and also spend hours on your PowerPoint slides – and have a few sleepless nights beforehand!

Making a wedding speech is what you most dread about the day and you wish you could avoid it. Well, you can’t, but you can get help, and for goodness sake please don’t leave it to the last moment to write it!

Quick Tips:

  • Knuckle down and get on with writing your wedding speech, sooner rather than later, and certainly not the night before the wedding! If you need help writing it then call on a friend, family member or speech writer.
  • Your speech needs to be carefully crafted and rehearsed many, many times over and certainly not left to the last moment as you wait for inspiration to suddenly arrive. It usually doesn’t, and many glasses of wine or pints of beer won’t normally help!
  • You need to practice, practice and practice again.

Guest post by Carole Spiers, The Wedding Speech Expert

Image from Tyron Mackenzie

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