Move aside Pinterest, there’s another popular social media tool for wedding inspiration – Instagram! This social media site is an unlimited source of creative ideas for your big day. Instagram offers more social interaction with other brides, grooms and suppliers compared to Pinterest, and is also far more visual than Twitter.

So, here’s why I love Instagram and how to make the most of it for #weddingideas.

Hashtag Savvy

First things first, to make the most of your Instagram experience it’s worth knowing how to use hashtags in the most effective way.

Instagram #Weddingphotography Search Results

Hashtags categorise the information and image posted, so the more specific you are with your hashtag the more you’ll be #winning at #wedmin. For example, some hashtags have been used millions of times, compared to a more specific hashtag which may only have been used a few hundred times. So, depending on what you are looking for in particular, you may want to broaden / narrow your search. For example, #weddingphotography has been tagged almost 9 million* times (!), but #fineartweddingphotography just over 60k* times, and #fineartweddingphotographyUK just shy of 200* times. Therefore, you may want to be a bit more specific in your hashtag use to get the best results that suit your wedding vision. Equally, #rusticwedding will deliver very different results to #citywedding.

Mood Boards V Bookmarks

Yes, Pinterest more often than not takes the crown when it comes to creating a digital mood board of wedding ideas, but Instagram has introduced the ‘Bookmark’ button so you can have all your favourite Instagram images saved in one place in one simple tap.

Instagram Bookmarking

This means you can save and revisit all those d├ęcor ideas, stationery designs and stylish wedding dresses you’ve spotted on Instagram without clogging up your phone memory with screenshots. Plus, only you can see what you’ve saved, which means you can keep it private and not ruin any wedding day surprises for your guests.

Another handy tool within the new save feature is that you can also categorise images into ‘Collections’, allowing you to compartmentalise your ideas for the different elements of your wedding day.

Inspiration is Everywhere

It’s highly likely that you aren’t just following wedding-related Instagrammers, so I encourage you to look outside the box for wedding inspiration. From interior designers, fashionistas and food stylists, to name a few. They could all give you ideas on colour schemes and design trends which you could reinterpret into your wedding day.

Engage with Other Brides

Instagram has the wonderful ability to connect real people, so why not engage with the #justengaged or #justmarried? If you come across a magical wedding and want to find out who the bride used or where she sourced something from, feel free to Direct Message her. Not only will she feel extremely flattered for complimenting her wedding choices, but it could save you a lot of time googling it.

Instagram Just Engaged Hashtags

Connect with the Experts

Another useful feature of Instagram is that you can tap on a real wedding you’ve seen to identify the wedding suppliers tagged in the image. It gives you a chance to see their work in action, as well as the opportunity to communicate with them about your ideas for your big day.

Instagram Image Showing Tags

Tips from the Pros

Several suppliers offer a few tips of the trade on Instagram, which could be really helpful to you. For example, photographers may provide advice on how to make the most of your engagement shoot, or a make-up artist may offer advice on how to get a glowy complexion before your big day.

Figure Out What You Don’t Want

It may surprise you, but Instagram can also be a useful tool in helping you figure out what you don’t want for your wedding day. By identifying what you don’t want you can quickly narrow down your search and avoid a rabbit hole of endless inspiration.

Instagram #BohoWedding Results

It’s very easy to get distracted by all the wedding pretty, so it’s worth keeping focused to ensure you stay on theme with all your plans, reflecting your style and personality.

Personal Wedding Hashtags

As a final idea, it’s become increasingly popular for couples to create a personal hashtag for their wedding so all their guests can use it to pool Instasnaps in one place. Just be careful to choose a personal and witty tag which is unique, to ensure that it’s just your photos that pop up in the search.

* Instagram tag statistics correct on 28th June 2017

Guest post by Liesl Lamare of Lamare London

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