You have spent months and sometimes years planning your wedding day, but sometimes you can overlook some of the basics and little things which will make your wedding guests comfortable and happy.

As peak wedding season is imminent, here are my last minute practical tips on keeping your wedding guests happy and smiling all day long…

Happy Wedding Guests

Have Soft Drinks Available on Arrival

Wedding guests often arrive quite early to wedding ceremonies, and if they have had a long journey they will always be very grateful of a glass of water or juice before they take their seat.

Give Guests Information

Whether it’s sent with the invitation, announced by ushers or written up on a cute chalkboard, we all love information. Wedding guests like to know what the plan is for the day. You don’t have to give all your secrets and surprises away, but telling them what time dinner is, what time they are needed for photos etc really helps guests have an element of control.

Make Plans for Little Ones

If you are inviting children to your wedding, give some thought to what will excite them, be it garden games, a treasure hunt, an entertainer, some DVDS and a Wii station, or some cute little goody bags with games and an activity book. Be sure to tell parents what you have planned; they will love you for it and they can prepare the kids!

Keep Ahead of the Weather

If the sun is shining think carefully about shade, provide plenty of water, and you might also like to supply a basket of sun cream if you’re planning to be outside. If rain is forecasted you’ve probably already planned some cover, but have some umbrellas at the ready if guests are walking from venue to venue.

Plugged or Unplugged Wedding?

Tell your guests early on whether you are encouraging them to take and share images of your wedding day on social media, or whether you don’t want this. Most people will respect your wishes so make sure you make them clear.


Especially important in rural locations, make sure guests know who to ask if they need to book transport for late in the night. A chalkboard is good for this.

Don’t Scrimp on Reception Drinks

We all have a budget, but my advice is to let the drinks flow more plentifully as guests arrive at the reception, then limit them if you need to later in the evening. People will appreciate them more. Generally allow three welcome drinks per person for an 1.5 hour reception.

Try and Ensure You Greet Everyone

It’s not easy, but your guests will cherish even just a two minute chat and hello. This is especially important when inviting evening guests.

Happy planning!

Guest post by Kelly Chandler of The Bespoke Wedding Company

Image from Betti Confetti Photography

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