Wedding planning is synonymous with list making. Amidst your errands, phone calls and chats with your bridal party, keep in mind a running list of people you’d like to thank. Don’t trust your memory though, as you already have plenty going on to keep track of. Add a page in your planning book, a note in your phone, or download an app that will help you to keep a gratitude list.

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Include all the people who were there for you and helped make your planning and big day special. From the friends and relatives who travelled from afar, to the florist and the hairdresser who did their jobs to perfection. Include anyone who went the extra mile for you, who called to check on you, or who generally offered a ‘How can I help?’… and actually helped.

Most people don’t help just to receive thanks, but it’s nice to show and express your gratitude to those people who put themselves out for you.

Words of Appreciation

A short, handwritten note of appreciation before or after a wedding is a lovely gift to give to people. Sometimes, in the busy lead up to the wedding, people can get overlooked. This is especially true of those who work in silence or take the initiative to do things without being asked. Keeping a gratitude list during the planning will help you to keep an up-to-date record of people you want to acknowledge.

When the music ends, the cake has been eaten, and you and your new spouse are enjoying the relief of taking off your dancing shoes, go over the list together and make sure both of you have included every person you want to thank. People do kind things out of love, and they will always remember the time when you thanked them personally. You never know how much a simple thank you note can mean to someone.

Weddings happen every day, and those in the business are used to helping their clients and then moving on to the next. Your family and friends are excited and willing to help you plan and execute your wedding day out of love. However, it adds a genuine, caring, and human touch to stop and personally thank any of those people for doing what they didn’t have to do, even if they chose to do so willingly.

Expressing gratitude is never a wasted effort. It’s a practice that you and your spouse can adopt for any person or occasion in life. It doesn’t have to end at your wedding; keep a gratitude list throughout life to remind you to always say thank you.

Quick Tips:

  • When planning your wedding keep a list of people you want to thank.
  • Giving a special, handwritten thank you note means a lot to the recipient.
  • Keep a gratitude list throughout your life.

Guest post by Carole Spiers, Love and Relationship Expert

Image from Twirly Girl Photography

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