Beaverbrooks carried out some ring shot research and came up with some top tips to help you get a perfect engagement ring picture…

Your loved one has finally popped the question and you’re beyond happy… a wedding is on the cards! But before you start focusing on the big day there’s the proposal moment itself to capture.

Maybe your partner got down on one knee in a location they’d been planning to take you to for ages, or perhaps they simply asked for your hand in marriage when the moment took them. However they proposed it’s important to celebrate and cherish this happy occasion.

Engagement Ring Picture

A great way to keep this memory close is by capturing your engagement with the perfect photo. A photo you can frame, share on social media, or even use on your wedding invitations.

While a proposal is all about you as a couple, it’s the engagement ring that takes centre stage. It is, after all, what symbolises your commitment to each other. No matter how big or small your engagement ring may be, what it stands for is huge. Therefore it deserves to be the centre of attention for this special moment.

When it comes to capturing your engagement, a ring shot is a must. Here are a few tips to help you get a great engagement ring picture…


Forget subtle. You need to focus the ring shot well and truly on the ring itself. Get the diamond in perfect focus and then the background can be softly blurred so that all attention is on the bling itself.

Shooting Outside

If you’re shooting your engagement ring picture outside it’s a great idea to take lots of shots from different angles. Remember that weather can play a big factor in how the image comes out. Bright sunlight, rain, and snow can affect your photo, so don’t rush it.

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Pampered Hands

If you want to make sure you’ve got a ring shot to be proud of then get a manicure before you get camera happy. Soft, moisturised hands and a great set of nails can really add the wow factor. You could paint the nail on your ring finger in a different colour from the rest, or add some sparkles for a touch of glam.

Hold It

To ensure a natural-looking picture it’s important you relax your hand. If you’re finding it difficult to keep your hand in the same position, try holding something. Holding your partner’s hand, a champagne glass or a bunch of flowers could help. It could also be a perfect addition to your photo.


Think about the background of your shot. A contrasting colour can add drama, while a dreamy, natural setting can feel romantic. What you decide on will depend on your personal taste, but remember that this photo is a great opportunity to show off your style.

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Just like you every engagement ring is different, so it’s important you try and capture its unique qualities. After all, your engagement ring is an extension of your personality, style, and taste. Make the most of this beautiful new piece of jewellery with a ring shot that really shows it off.

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