When it comes to choosing a limousine wedding car the choice is vast. Everyone assumes they are all American stretched limos, but this isn’t true. The majority are, but there are also a handful of British and European limousines available.

The type of limousine wedding car you choose will depend on how many bridesmaids and family members you have to transport in one trip. The maximum for a British or European limousine is seven plus the driver, but American limousines seat anything up to fourteen, some even more. But what is available?

Vintage, Classic or Modern Limo?

If you want a vintage limousine to go with a vintage bridal car there are a lot to choose from. Most of the motor manufacturers of the period produced limousine versions of their top of the range cars. For wedding hire you can easily find limousines from Rolls Royce, Austin, Morris and Daimler, and other makes such as Wolseley, Vauxhall and Humber could also be available.

Daimler Limousine Wedding Car


Range Rover Limousine

Range Rover

Limousine Interior

Limousine Interior

Classic limousines are available from Rolls Royce, Daimler and Zil (yes it is Russian, and at the time of writing one is believed to be available in the UK).

More modern Limousines come from Rolls Royce, Daimler, Jaguar, Range Rover, Volvo, Mercedes, Ford, Saab and many others. You can even hire a Mini or, would you believe, a Ferrari limousine? The choice is yours.

Zil Limousine


Mini Cooper Limousine

Mini Cooper

Ferrari Limousine


When it comes to American stretched limos the choice is vast, with many different manufacturers’ vehicles stretched. The most popular from Lincoln are the Navigator and Town Car, from Hummer it’s the H2, Chrysler have the 300 and PT Cruiser, Chevrolet have the Suburban, Cadillacs include the Escalade and a myriad of classic stretches. There is even a Pickup limousine – I have seen it but so far can’t track it down.

Have fun searching for your perfect limousine wedding car.

Guest post by David Jones of The Classic and Vintage Car Company

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