I never like to think of anything less than a perfect wedding day for my couples. It’s the main reason why I am so careful in selecting the wedding suppliers I recommend to them and put my faith, trust and livelihood in. But sadly things do happen where couples feel disappointed and let down, and this is my advice on how best to deal with things if you are let down by a wedding supplier.

Let the Dust Settle

First off, as the saying goes, ‘you can’t overreact if you don’t react’. There are occasions (and the heightened emotion of a wedding day is a big one) where things get blown out of proportion. So, my first suggestion is to allow the dust to settle after the wedding day before going in too hard. Obviously some contracts state that you have to point out any dissatisfaction within a certain time frame, so bear that in mind too.

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Write to the Company

If something has gone wrong, your first contact should be with the wedding supplier who has let you down. They may genuinely not know or already be on the case to reimburse/make it up to you in some way, if that is possible.

Very few companies set out to deliberately ruin somebody’s wedding day. I would suggest a first contact in a polite but firm way, in writing, requesting a reply/feedback by a certain date. The link below to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau details how you should deal with subsequent follow ups if the first request doesn’t get you a reply or satisfactory answer.

Citizens Advice Bureau – Complaining About a Trader

Are They Part of Any Industry Bodies?

If your complaint is not rectified and you feel that others should know about a certain circumstance that has happened to you, contact any industry bodies that the wedding supplier is part of or affiliated to, such as the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners or the Master Photographers Association. They may not be able to get involved directly in your case, but they can note it or take action with their member, depending on the complaint.

Are You Covered By Wedding Insurance?

Don’t forget your wedding insurance. It’s always advisable to take out some form of wedding insurance, and most policies cover for ‘failure of suppliers’. Your insurance may reimburse you, depending on the circumstances, should the wedding supplier not resolve your complaint directly.

I hope that the above advice is useful, but you never have to use it.

Happy wedding planning!

Guest post by Kelly Chandler of The Bespoke Wedding Company

Image from Flickr by Firesam (CC BY-ND License)

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