Whilst weddings have always been about joining two families, for many modern weddings this blending of families is not limited to just the adults. If you are wondering how to involve your children in your wedding ceremony then The Sand Ceremony is a simple and meaningful idea to consider.

Already popular in America and Australia, the Sand Ceremony can involve every member of your new family. As well as being a special moment they can be part of, it will create a lasting, physical symbol that will always remind you of the day you became one family. It is particularly special if your children are going to be taking a new surname.

Wedding Sand Ceremony

The Sand Ceremony can take place during or after the legalities of your marriage ceremony instead of a reading. You will need to discuss your plans with your registrar, celebrant or religious leader.

How to Perform a Sand Ceremony with Children

  1. The celebrant makes a brief introduction to explain the Sand Ceremony. They then invite children and adults to gather together around a table containing an empty glass vase and containers of sand.
  2. Each member of the family receives a container of coloured sand, with a different colour per person. Tip: Avoid having too many colours and choose an age appropriate container i.e. no glass for toddlers!
  3. Each person takes turns to pour a small amount of their sand into the glass vase; the sand will layer in stripes. Tip: Use a funnel and make sure the table is low enough for your shortest child to reach.
  4. Everyone then pours together at the same time so that the final layer is blended. Tip: Practise pouring the sand together before the ceremony so everyone knows what to expect.
  5. Finally, the celebrant puts a stopper on the vase and announces that, like the sand in the jar, you have blended together to make one beautiful family.
  6. Leave the vase on show for the rest of your wedding day and then take it home (carefully) and place in a prominent place in your home as a reminder that you are now one family, blended together.

Where to Buy Sand Ceremony Kits in the UK

As I mentioned, this is a mostly American and Australian tradition and, should you have a friend in either country, they will be able to easily find you a Sand Ceremony Kit. The good news is that a couple of UK websites now sell the basic kits; I especially love the photo frame ones. The sand comes in all colours, including sparkly glitter versions! A simple google search for ‘Sand Ceremony Kits’ should help you find what you’re looking for.

Making your own sand ceremony kit is just as easy…

Guest post by Lucy Pask

Image from Etsy

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