Want to make a statement at your wedding? Then arriving or leaving your wedding reception in a helicopter is without doubt the way to do it. Sometimes it is possible to arrive and leave the wedding ceremony for your reception in the same magnificent way.

There are many different types and sizes of helicopter, and which one is right for your wedding will depend on the size of the bride’s dress and whether there will be more passengers than just the bride and groom. Many couples like to take their wedding photographer as well, to capture those unique moments in the air.

Bride and Groom with Helicopter

Take Off and Landing Requirements

Before you can even start looking for a company you have to find out two things. Do you think it is possible for a helicopter to land and take off from your chosen point, and can one land where you want to go? The land owner will have to grant permission.

Having found that out you can move on to choosing who will provide the helicopter for your wedding. The helicopter charter company will sort out any aviation permissions required and check that the site is actually suitable for landing and take off.

Helicopter at Wedding

Finding a Local Company

Bearing in mind that chartering a helicopter for a wedding will cost from around £475 (2/3 seats + pilot) upwards per hour from its base back to base, you really need to contact your local private airport to see which charter companies are close to your venues. Some large companies operate out of many different local airports, and nearly all companies will have a presence on the internet so that should be your first port of call.

Whatever you do you must have face to face discussions with your chosen helicopter charterer before you sign any contract. They will need a very good description of the dress and finalise who will be in the aircraft. You will also need to check that they have all the correct Civil Aviation Authority licenses, including an AOC (Air Operators Certificate).

*Prices correct at time of publishing

Many thanks to Andrew Pickervance at Fast Helicopters Limited for his technical help with this article.

Guest post by David Jones of The Classic and Vintage Car Company

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