Being a bridesmaid is a very special honour and something which most only do once or twice in their life, sometimes before they are even old enough to remember it properly. So why not make it super special when you ask your closest friends to be part of your big day? Here are some ‘bridesmaid proposal’ ideas I love…

Say It with Gestures

One of my favourite ways to ask someone to be a bridesmaid is by special delivery of a super-elegant balloon. A lovely balloon printed with ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’ is just fab.

Other ways to spell it out might be in chocolates or biscuits, or how about a bottle of wine or champagne with a bespoke label stating the date and “Please be my Maid of Honour – I need you!” to set the party tone?

Bridesmaids Hugging Bride

One of my all time personalising favourites is ‘Not on the High Street’, and you could adapt all sorts of products which might be appropriate to your particular bridesmaid. It could even be something they will keep as a memory, or better still, wear on the wedding day.

All these bridesmaid proposal ideas work well with bridesmaids who are a distance away or you can’t see face to face.

Say It with Time

There is no substitute for the sheer joy of ‘proposing to your bridesmaids’ face to face, and hopefully being able to celebrate straight away and start some planning together.

How about getting your maids together for a secret girly-themed afternoon tea at yours for your bridesmaid proposal? You can go to town with printed napkins which pop the question, or bridesmaid dress-shaped cookies. You’ll be in the perfect relaxed setting to start looking for bridesmaid dresses together and putting your team to good use.

It might be that your bridesmaids are not one unified group (that’s quite normal). It might therefore be more appropriate to plan lots of separate dinners/cocktails to ‘pop the question’. Whatever you do though, don’t just email or drop it into conversation – make it special, even if it’s just a bottle of prosecco and a nice girls’ night out.

Asking Young Bridesmaids

Don’t forget that being a bridesmaid or flower girl is a very special thing for the youngsters too, and there are special ways to invite them. However, you might want to discuss it with their parents first before announcing it to them.

Prepare a cute little bag with wedding themed colouring books, perhaps a mini make-up and nail kit, a toy veil and a really good children’s story book explaining all about what a wedding is and what they do, so they can get to understand how special their role is ahead of the big day.

Happy Planning!

Guest post by Kelly Chandler

Image from Neil Walker Photography

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