“Come round, have a few glasses of wine, and watch our wedding video.” This is a sentence that used to strike fear in the hearts of friends and family. Wedding videos used to be hour long endurance tests, including the entire wedding service, speeches and drunken funky-chicken dancing on the marquee dance floor.

Bored Person Watching Video

Thank goodness those days are over. Modern wedding videos are now much shorter, as wedding videographers have become more professional.

Short Form Edits

The current trend is moving to short form wedding videos which last between 20 and 30 minutes. This short feature is about telling your special story. Your videographer should aim to make this piece completely engaging, capturing all the emotion and detail of your special day with all the panache of a blockbuster film. Of course you still get to see the whole ceremony and speeches, but this is now presented on a second disk or menu of the DVD.

The soundtrack to these short form wedding videos is hugely important too. You can choose music that’s emotive and important to you as a couple. Alternatively, you could just leave it to the creative hands of your videographer. For the new crop of wedding film makers it’s all about those little moments and glances that make your wedding day personal to you and capture the character of the day.

Just like any good motion picture, you should also request a trailer that you can send to your guests via email or share on social media. Before you know it they’ll be begging you to let them come round and watch the whole video!

Guest post by Richard Knight of White Dress Films

Image from Unsplash

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