Choosing your wedding photographer is a very important part of planning your wedding. Not only is wedding photography is a big investment, it’s also something that will stay with you once your day is over. Your wedding photos will tell the story of your day forever, so you’ll want to find a photographer who’s a perfect fit for you and your big day. To help you along the way to photographic heaven, here are five mistakes to avoid when choosing your wedding photographer…

1. Rushing to Book a Photographer

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re planning your wedding and book suppliers far too quickly. Yes, wedding photographers often get booked up years in advance, but that’s no reason to book one two days after you get engaged.

Take time to do you research and check out potential photographers thoroughly before booking. Browse their social feeds, search for their work online and talk to past clients if that gives you confidence. Don’t sign on the dotted line until you’re completely happy with your decision.

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2. Avoiding the Small Print

Many of us click straight through the terms and conditions when our phone software updates, but when it comes to your wedding, ignoring the T&Cs could be a costly mistake. I cannot stress enough how important it is that you read and understand the small print.

What is the final cost of the photography package you’ve chosen? Are there any other costs you need to know about? Is there anything in the terms and conditions that confuse you? Photographers aren’t trying to catch you out and hide things away, but there will be things in the small print that you need to know about. If you find anything you’re unsure of make sure you speak to your photographer, and again, only sign when you’re happy.

3. Focusing on the Wrong Things

When you’re choosing your wedding photographer it’s easy to compare the packages and prices of the pros on your shortlist and decide who is ‘best’ for you from that. Of course you want to get value for your money, but it’s also important that you get quality for your money too. Yes, a photographer might offer you 500+ images, but in reality you’re unlikely to display or include that many in an album. Great quality imagery should be top of your list of priorities.

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4. Ignoring Your Gut

Never underestimate the brilliance of your gut reactions when you’re choosing your wedding photographer, or any wedding supplier come to that. You’ll often know from first contact whether you want to work with someone and, when it comes to your wedding photographer, never make the mistake of ignoring those gut reactions.

It’s absolutely crucial that you get on with your photographer. You need to trust them and feel comfortable when you’re having your photos taken. You don’t want anyone who puts you on edge or makes you feel anything less than wonderful. Yes, a wedding photographer might produce great images or offer you a great deal, but if you don’t ‘click’, don’t ignore that.

5. Asking Your Friend to Photograph Your Wedding

We’ve all got friends with a fab camera, but unless your bestie is a wedding photographer, don’t ask even your keenest friend to photograph your big day. Wedding photography is a real skill, and expecting someone to just pick up with DSLR and deliver stunning images isn’t realistic.

Don’t forget, you’ll also be putting a huge amount of pressure and responsibility on your friend. So, however good their intentions may be, book a professional wedding photographer and let your friend relax and enjoy the day instead.

Guest post and images by Amanda Karen Photography

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