The internet and digital photography mean that delivery of your wedding photographs will usually now include the electronic files and some form of online gallery. Add to this Facebook and other social media and there are a lot of options when it comes to displaying the photographs from your wedding day.

Despite the plethora of electronic presentation methods, couples are still keen to invest in the ‘hard copy’ display options of print – more specifically, wedding albums. I believe this is because, for all the benefits that come with digital imagery, you just can’t beat the impact and tactile qualities of a well designed and constructed traditional wedding album. Digital photographs can be quickly emailed or posted online, but how long will it take to get a printed wedding album?

Printed Wedding Album

The Process

There are a variety of wedding album styles available that you can discuss with your wedding photographer. It’s important to remember that the best albums are custom designed for each couple, and probably handmade. This means you will need a little patience when ordering your wedding album.

A typical timeline is as follows:

  • Four weeks after your wedding you receive your photographs in a gallery and on disc
  • Your photographer will ask you to select which images you would like to go into your album
  • Once you have given your photographer your choice of photographs they design your layout
  • Around 10-14 days later you see your layout and, if happy, give your approval
  • Once approved, depending on the type of album you have chosen, you should receive your album within four to six weeks

It’s worth keeping in mind that most album manufacturers’ busiest time is the run up to Christmas. So, if you want delivery of your album before the New Year, try to let your photographer have your photograph selection by early October.

Guest post by Lloyd Dobbie

Image from Lloyd Dobbie

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