When you think of topiary, what springs to mind? Manicured gardens with perfect hedges and clipped box balls? That’s probably what most people would think, but what about wedding topiary? When designing a floral scheme for a wedding many factors influence our decisions, including the venue, budget, choice of flowers and, of course, the couple’s own preferences.

Wedding topiary is a fantastic way to make a bold statement at your ceremony and reception. Topiary is, in effect, a way of creating an arrangement in a neat, structured style. It can be large enough to be a floor standing design for a ceremony, or a miniature arrangement for a registrar’s table. Made entirely from foliage it can replicate the look of topiary in the garden, or you can use blowsy blooms for something far more glamorous.

Bride and Heart-Shaped Wedding Topiary Arrangement

Using Wedding Topiary for Your Ceremony

So, how could wedding topiary arrangements work for your celebration? Topiary works perfectly for venues with high ceilings or spaces where you want to make a feature statement. For ceremonies, free standing topiary trees make an excellent focal point and look less formal than a traditional vase or urn arrangement. They also give you the chance to be more creative and think outside of the box in terms of design. For modern wedding topiary think bright colours and incorporate unusual elements like fruit and vegetables.

Topiary on Wedding Ceremony Chairs

Reception Table Displays

If you want to bring the feeling of the garden in, then topiary can look great for your wedding reception tables. If the ceiling and your budget are high enough then the sky is the limit. You can also use topiary to create perfect low and neat arrangements too, which look luxurious because of their perfection.

Topiary Display on Wedding Reception Table

Quick Tips

Here are some suggestions for tip top wedding topiary…

  • A couple of big topiary trees for your ceremony will give a wow factor. They’ll look amazing in your photographs and won’t break the bank if you incorporate plenty of foliage.
  • Keep it seasonal. Topiary arrangements full of peonies, hydrangeas and orchids will be expensive, but you can still get a luxe look with seasonal blooms. Dahlias, chrysanthemums and even carnations work just as well.
  • Use more expensive flowers for smaller arrangements. You won’t notice costly flowers in very large designs as easily as in smaller ones.
  • Incorporate scented flowers into your wedding topiary designs that your guests can smell. For example, miniature rose trees for the powder rooms would be a delightful touch, and be much appreciated.
  • Finally, if you have topiary designs for your reception tables, remember to keep the main part of the arrangement above eye height. You don’t want to block your guests’ view.

Guest post by Simon Nickell

Images from…

Heart-Shaped Wedding Topiary: Anneli Marinovich Photography

Topiary on Chairs and Wedding Table Display: Simon Nickell

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