It’s always one of the first questions that I ask my clients when discussing their wedding reception flowers – will they choose high or low arrangements for the tables? It’s all a matter of choice, but often the wedding venue itself can answer this question.

When deciding on flower arrangements for your wedding tables there are also other deciding factors. These include style, budget, the flowers themselves, and even whether the floor is level!

Tall Floral Wedding Table Arrangements

Whether your wedding reception is in a ballroom or a marquee, the flooring has to be right. Without proper foundations the most beautifully prepared tall vase of flowers can come crashing down! Uneven floorboards, sprung floors or a marquee without boarded flooring are all points to take into consideration when designing table arrangements.

Tall Table Arrangements

If a wedding venue has high ceilings this offers the perfect opportunity to complement the reception room by using tall table arrangements. You can do this using vases, trees or candelabra. You can also use hanging installations or suspend flowers from the ceiling. The only restriction being your imagination, budget and the venue’s own regulations.

Wedding Table Tree

When designing reception flowers I often suggest a combination of high and low arrangements to create interest across the room. Tall arrangements are a good way of focusing the eye line if your venue is very plain. Similarly, if the ceiling is elaborately decorated, tall candelabra can complement this.

Other Options

Tall arrangements look wonderful for a marquee reception, but remember that flooring issue. If the floor isn’t completely level think about suspending decorative elements from the ceiling instead, which may actually be easier than in a traditional venue.

Creating the right atmosphere is vital for a wedding reception. This is, after all, where your guests will be spending the majority of their time. Candlelight can really set the scene, and, if allowed, can even be the main focus instead of flowers.

Candelabra on Wedding Tables

So, if you’re thinking about tall arrangements for your wedding reception, as long as the floor’s level, set your imagination free!

Guest post by Simon Nickell

Images from…

Tall Wedding Table Arrangements: Yes I Do Photography

Tree on Wedding Table: David Walters Photography

Candles: Simon Nickell