When it comes to floral decoration for your wedding ceremony or venue space, most of us think of traditional arrangements like urns to create a focal point or table centrepieces. Over the last couple of years however a new trend has, quite literally, turned things on its head. Hanging installations, or floral chandeliers, are now a firm favourite on social media sites like Instagram, and are the new ‘must have’ in floral design.

As with so many trends, the idea of hanging installations started in the United States and is now making a big impact in the UK. Floral designers are being asked to create these impressive pieces to give weddings the wow factor.

Colourful Flowers Hanging Over Wedding Table

So how do hanging installations work, what sort of wedding venue are they most suited to, and what are the options?


The success of any hanging installation is the planning and logistics. As a florist I have to ask myself if I can physically do it. This is when I start thinking about ropes, ladders, pulley systems, and whether I’m happy standing on top of a ladder hands-free!

Installation of Foliage and Flowers Hanging in Wedding Marquee

Hanging installations are best suited to wedding venues with the right architecture. Supporting beams are always good, as are features like balustrades and columns. If the supporting structure is good then you’re away. Marquees are ideal places for hanging installations as they detract attention away from what is often a bland and uninteresting box. They can usually be pulled up into position quite easily too with a rope and pulley.

I’ve always had a love for greenery, so I love to create impact with foliage chandeliers. Foliage is also quicker to install and a great way to make a statement without breaking the bank.

Hanging Installation of Greenery

Quick Tips

Of course, if you really want to turn things upside down, then why not have all your florals hanging from the ceiling, rather than on the tables? As with every wedding though, your ideas will only work with perfect planning, so here are my top tips…

  • Make sure your wedding venue has the right sort of support structure like strong beams or architectural features.
  • Check with your venue about any restrictions as to what your florist can do.
  • Consider greenery for your hanging installations as a more reasonable alternative to premium priced flowers.

With the planning in place you can create stunning hanging installations that turn the drab to fab!

Guest post by Simon Nickell

Images from…

Colourful Floral Hanging Installation: Amanda Karen Photography

Hanging Installation in Marquee: Helen Abraham Photography

Hanging Foliage: Lara Hotz Photography

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