Bridesmaid flowers are part of the well planned styling, ambiance and colour of your wedding, and have traditionally been a small bouquet of flowers that complement the bridesmaid dresses. Flowers tend to set your bridesmaids apart from other guests, and are a gift to make them feel special. Other than bouquets, have you thought about possible flower options for your bridesmaids? Here are some bridesmaid bouquet alternatives that may be suitable, depending on the style of your wedding, the age of your bridesmaids and what they are wearing.

Wrist Corsages

Wrist corsages mounted onto ribbon or elasticated cuffs look great for a summer wedding. They are particularly good for significant women in the bridal party who aren’t necessarily dressed in a traditional bridesmaid gown, or for bridesmaids who need their hands free to look after little ones or help you with your dress. There are all sorts of corsage styles that look fantastic, but I particularly like using peonies. Orchids have longevity, which means they still look fab at the end of the evening.

Wrist Corsage Bridesmaid Bouquet Alternative


Pomanders are small balls of flowers that work well for younger bridesmaids. They are usually designed with just one or two types of flowers (small spray roses work particularly well). Attached to a long ribbon handle, the bridesmaid holds it or wears it on their arm.


Giving a flower girl a wand or other object to hold can look really cute. You can still wire flowers around the handle, and you may have more success with the flower girl keeping hold of it, rather than a small posy of flowers.

Flower Girl Sitting Holding Wand

Flower Bags

These take many forms, and you can just buy material bags to go with the outfits and fill them with flowers. Working handbags made using a wire frame and fresh flowers are really good fun bridesmaid bouquet alternatives too. The ultimate bridesmaid accessory.


For younger girls a basket is a popular alternative to a bridesmaid bouquet, decorated on the handle and filled with pretty petals. I think they work particularly well for flower girls aged 5-8 years old.

Flower Girl Basket Filled with Petals

However, if you still like the idea of bridesmaids carrying traditional posies of flowers, you can’t beat the fun you can have with the pictures. They also make great table decorations, lined up in pretty ribbon covered vases along the top table.

I always think the hardest bit of organising a wedding is having to choose between so many beautiful options.

Guest post by Emma Lappin

Images from…

Wrist Corsage: David Walters Photography

Flower Girl Wand: Hayley Ruth Photography

Flower Girl Basket: Shropshire Petals