If you are planning a wedding at the moment you are probably looking at areas where you can cut costs. Flower styling trends such as ‘shabby chic’ and ‘the country fair’ have encouraged more brides to give it a go themselves. If you have decided to have a go at DIY wedding flowers, here are some top tips to help you get started.

Don’t Grow Your Own

Unless you or a family friend are particularly green fingered, do not try and grow flowers to use at your wedding. Source your blooms from a reliable wholesaler or flower market to ensure they are perfect for your day.

Simple DIY Wedding Table Flowers

Look After Your Flowers

Condition your flowers well. That means strip all the leaves off, cut the stems and let them drink for 24 hours.

Consider the Height of Your Displays

When designing your DIY wedding flowers, don’t forget there are likely to be 30 or more glasses surrounding the arrangement. If you want a low centrepiece there is still a critical height that your flowers must reach to ensure your guests get the full benefit and still have impact when you walk into the room.

Wedding Flowers Close Up

Trial Run

Do a trial run. Set up a table at home to see how your decorations might look.

Ask for Help

Have a little team of helpers set up your venue on the day. You do not want to ruin your lovely manicure.

Borrow, Don’t Buy

Many florists offer a hire service for beautiful glassware and candelabra which is much cheaper than having to buy them.

Lantern and Wedding Table Flowers

Make Sure the Vases Are Clean

If you are borrowing vases, make sure they are polished to perfection. There’s nothing worse than seeing dirty finger marks on glass, no matter how beautiful your wedding flowers are.

Don’t DIY Everything

Whilst wedding table styling can be fun and quite straight forward, treat yourself to a properly designed, professionally made bouquet and buttonholes. You have probably made the most expensive dress purchase of your life and it deserves a stunning, beautifully designed bouquet to complement it’s style and shape.


Don’t forget the finishing touches – pay a visit to your local haberdashery. Personalising your vases with interesting ribbons, brooches and buttons adds more personality to your DIY wedding flowers.

DIY Wedding Flowers in Tin

Book a Course

Enrol on a wedding flower course or book a hen party to learn how to make a particular style of arrangement.

Guest post by Emma Lappin

Images from…

Single Stem Table Flowers and Close Up: David Walters Photography

Table Flowers with Lantern: Martin Dabek Photography

DIY Wedding Flowers in Tin: Mr & Mrs {Boutique Wedding Photography and Video}

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