With the start of the new year, couples are now thinking about the design and style of their weddings. Flowers make a wedding, so what 2017 wedding flower trends can we expect to see?

I’m going to stick my neck out here and say that vintage is over, and so are flower walls. From the sublime to the ridiculous, these two wildly differing looks have featured endlessly in the bridal press as the must-have look for weddings.

At one end of the scale, vintage was seen as the perfect solution for the money-conscious bride flowering a DIY wedding. At the other end, flower walls filled with thousands of blooms were the floral must-have for those bold enough, and wealthy enough, to display them.

While both styles can look beautiful, I’m seeing a real trend towards floral designs that strike a balance between old fashioned tea party and vulgar ostentation. I noticed a swing towards more elegant, stylish and dramatic looks last year, and I’m sure this will continue with the 2017 wedding flower trends.

Glamour and Greenery

Glamour is back in a big way. Think reception tables dressed with tall statement vases of romantic blowsy blooms in muted shades, and plenty of greenery. Talking of greenery, I couldn’t be happier that this is the official Pantone colour of the year. Expect to see it featuring heavily on social media, especially Pinterest.

Tall Vase of Wedding Flowers


Foliage is often overlooked, but it’s enormously versatile and adaptable. It’s amazing for lavish celebrations when used in huge quantities, but also for more modest weddings. It adds scale and drama to arrangements, giving the impression of expense. If you want to create an enchanted garden feeling, ask your florist to create an opulent style using just greenery.

Foliage Garland

Old Fashioned Romance

It seems there’s a real desire for good old fashioned romance in floral design right now. This trend is seeing venues stunningly transformed with garden style installations. Garlands for staircases and banquet style tables, oversized statement urns and even statues are succumbing to this romantic look. Floral and foliage chandeliers, as well as hanging flowers, are also among the 2017 wedding flower trends.

Foliage Chandelier

So, think more about the green and less about the flowers to be a trendsetter in 2017.

Guest post by Simon Nickell

Images from…

Tall Vase: Anna Hardy

Foliage: Ellie Grace Photography

Foliage Chandelier: Gideon Photography

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