With the start of the new year our thoughts turn to what lies ahead in 2016. For florists this means trying to predict which styles and flowers our prospective couples will be choosing for their 2016 weddings. Whether we get it right is another matter, but there are always timeless classics, emerging trends and unusual choices to keep us on our toes and spice things up.

Using social media is a great way to predict the 2016 wedding flower trends. Throughout 2015, flower walls, hanging installations and oversized bouquets featured heavily on blogs, magazines and in photo shoots. Wildly exuberant and naturalistic designs competed with massed arrangements of blowsy blooms, with both styles giving a sense of opulence. Banquet style reception tables proved very popular, with romantic cottage garden and sustainably grown flowers also a big hit.

So what do I think the 2016 wedding flower trends will be? Here are some of my favourites…


Peonies are the most requested of all wedding flowers, but traditionally they are only available in May and June. Last year I noticed that the season for peonies increased dramatically due to demand, and I’m sure this will continue in 2016.

Peony Wedding Bouquet

Floral Decoration on Banquet Style Tables

Over the last few years long banquet wedding tables have been making more of an impact, and this is set to continue in 2016.

Long Wedding Tables

Hanging Floral Installations

If your wedding venue has the space and height, then this is wedding trend is definitely one to watch out for in 2016. From single stems to foliage and flower chandeliers, hanging floral installations are a great way to make a statement if you want the wow factor.

Hanging Installation with Rosemary in Tipi

Metallic Wedding Styling

This relies more on accessories than floral elements, but I’m seeing a real trend towards adding metallic elements to the overall look. This includes sequinned tablecloths, runners, vases, candlesticks, votives and stationery. I even included it in my own wedding last year.

If I had to pick a colour though it would have to be copper. It’s a big trend in fashion and one that is definitely filtering through into floral design in big way. I think it’s going to be everywhere in 2016!

Wedding Table with Copper Styling

So these are some of my favourites for the year ahead, but will they be yours or will you set your own 2016 wedding flower trends?

Guest post by Simon Nickell

Images from…

Peony Wedding Bouquet: Fiona Kelly Photography

Long Wedding Tables: Jen Marino Photography

Hanging Foliage: Helen Abraham Photography

Metallic Table Styling: Amanda Karen Photography