Here are ten tips on how to save money on wedding flowers but still get beautiful blooms for your big day.

Consider How Important Flowers Are to You

Before you begin spending money, decide how important wedding flowers are to you. If serving the best food and drink is key, look to spend less on flowers. If however you want to create a beautiful reception space you’ll need to allocate more of your budget. As a guide, set-aside 5% – 10% of your overall wedding budget for flowers.

Simple Wedding Table Flowers

Work with Your Florist

Choose a wedding florist who is happy to work to your budget. You may have to compromise on the specific flowers or type of arrangements you want in order to keep costs realistic, but a good florist can suggest budget-friendly options that will look just as stunning.

Stay Seasonal

Ask for seasonal, locally grown flowers which cost less than exotic varieties from abroad. A few large blooms surrounded by lots of greenery can look striking, so consider using less flowers and more foliage. If you’ve got your heart set on an expensive flower use it sparingly – perhaps just in your bouquet.

Winter Wedding Flowers with Foliage


Another great way to save money on wedding flowers is to re-use your church flowers at your reception venue. Church pedestals double as venue entrance displays, whilst pew-ends look great as chair-backs forĀ  the top table. If there is another wedding taking place at the church on the same day, consider sharing the cost of the flowers with them.

Spend Your Budget Wisely

Hold back on large, expensive arrangements like floral archways that guests will only see briefly. Spend money on arrangements that guests will enjoy for longer, for example, your table centres.

Wedding Table Flowers in Jug

Big Isn’t Always Better

You don’t have to use masses of blooms for your table centrepieces. For a romantic glow, use pillar candles inside hurricane lamps surrounded by rose petals, or float three large statement blooms inside a goldfish bowl with a few floating candles.

Bridesmaid Flowers

There are some great bridesmaid bouquet alternatives you can consider to save money on wedding flowers. Instead of posies, consider giving each bridesmaid a single statement flower to carry, or opt for a striking wrist corsage or a few flowers to wear in their hair.

Wrist Corsage

Avoid Intricate Designs

Time is money. An intricate wired shower bouquet is an expensive option compared to a simple hand-tied bouquet.

Give Your Flowers Away as Gifts

Instead of ordering thank you bouquets, give away your table centres at the end of the night.

Use Cheaper Containers

Instead of hiring expensive vases for your table centres, use inexpensive containers such as terracotta or plastic pots covered with leaves or moss, or consider flowering pot plants. You won’t have to return these to your florist, making them ideal gifts.

Pot Plants on Steps at Wedding

Guest post by Gemma Beasley

Images from…

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Flowers with Foliage: Frankly Iris Photography

Table Flowers in Jug: Delicious Photography

Wrist Corsage: Jonathan Bean Photography

Pot Plants: Mr & Mrs {Boutique Wedding Photography and Video}

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