When planning your wedding reception drinks with your caterer it’s easy to get lost in discussions about wine and fizz, but remember that it is also important to put time and thought to your soft drink / non-alcoholic alternatives.

Many of our ideas come from weddings where the couple has asked us to create a day completely free of alcohol, and this type of brief sparks fabulous creativity in our beverages team.

Soft Drink with Lime and Mint

It is also especially important to consider your softs if you have a summer wedding (hot weather), pregnant guests (enough said!), multicultural friends (religious reasons) or if your venue has no accommodation (drivers). One person can only ever drink so much orange juice, moreover the strong taste and acidity can ruin food and upset teetotal tummies.

Soft Drink Ideas

Here are some of my favourite combinations. Serve them in tall cocktail glasses or even champagne flutes to help everyone feel just as elegant as the drinkers.

  • Cranberry, fresh water, watermelon juice and lime
  • Apple Fez (a Bovingdons signature drink) – elderflower cordial, apple juice and ginger ale with fresh mint
  • Pomegranate Pressè with rose water
  • Classic homemade fresh Sicilian lemonade
  • Rhubarb berryade – great for the spring
  • Moroccan iced mint tea
  • Lime soda – the Indian way

For more ideas read Mocktail Recipes and Non-Alcoholic Drink Ideas.

Guest post by Julie Gray of Bovingdons

Image from Bovingdons

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