How will our two thoroughly modern, very distinctive royal couples, Kate and William, and Zara and Mike, approach choosing their wedding menus?

Royal wedding receptions follow a fairly standard design – a large canapé reception followed by a smaller, more private dinner for around 120 guests, finishing with dancing and further merriment in the evening.

It’s worth remembering that whilst the Royal family follows protocol they always lead (rather than follow) fashion. When it comes to choosing their food I think that both couples have the confidence and maturity to make every aspect their own.

Wedding Menu

Out will go scripted French menus (so last century) and dishes named in honour of the bride and groom (far too egotistical). Instead there will be utmost emphasis on provenance of the food. Not just lamb but Welsh Salt Marsh lamb, not just raspberries but Scottish organic raspberries; a selfless showcase of the very best British ingredients.

Here are my thoughts on how the two menus will differ along with some ideas for possible choices:

Kate and William 29th April 2011 – Buckingham Palace, London, England


Simple and Elegant. Phenomenal service will be essential to create a relaxed, loving feeling amongst the groom’s Royal family and the bride’s upper middle-class guests. An emphasis on love and affection over pomp and circumstance.


Very traditional, perfect bite size canapés. No shots, spoons, forks or skewers.

  • Little minted pea tarts with sour cream and pea shoots
  • Herb blinis of smoked trout with gooseberry salsa
  • Cucumber cups of lemon tarragon chicken

Main Menu

Spring lightness, fresh and elegant, pretty on the plate.

  • Home cured Scottish salmon with fennel Carpaccio
  • Welsh new season cannon of lamb, new season Jersey Royals and baby vegetables
  • British rhubarb trio – Rhubarb crumble, rhubarb braised with orange and rhubarb with ginger ice cream

Evening Food

Cornish cheeses

Zara and Mike 30th July 2011 – Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland


One hell of a ball! I confess Zara is my top Royal and I would love to be a guest alongside the cream of international sport and the more fun-loving royals.


Fun, simple and with plenty of carbohydrates – the best of British.

  • Mini bagels of smoked salmon and cream cheese
  • Potted prawns in Melba baskets
  • Wraps of Norfolk duck with mango and spinach
  • Slow roasted Isle of Wight tomatoes on ricotta cakes with basil wafers

Main Menu

Robust, masculine comfort food to sate the needs of hungry Rugby players.

  • Asparagus trio – asparagus tortes, chargrilled asparagus with quail’s eggs and parmesan, and a shot of asparagus Vichyssoise
  • Scottish black beef or braised Salt Marsh lamb shanks
  • Cotswold mess – meringues, strawberries, cream and chocolate shavings

Evening Food

Bacon butties and mini hot dogs

Guest post by Julie Gray of Bovingdons

Image from Amanda Karen Photography

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