Choosing your wedding cake flavour can be hard. Luckily, we’ve devised a little wedding quiz to help point you in the right direction and find out which flavour is most suitable for you and your wedding. We hope you enjoy it!

Cindy Wedding Cake by GC Couture

Our wedding is going to be…

  1. Cool, quirky and fun – a real reflection of our personalities.
  2. Quite traditional, but with our own personal touches added.
  3. The dream day from start to finish – it’s going to be like a fairytale.
  4. One big party for our friends and family – we just want everyone to have fun!

My dress choice is…

  1. Totally different and unique – not your traditional strapless, long white gown.
  2. Very bridal, but with some unique accessories.
  3. An absolute princess dress – something really spectacular.
  4. A fun, flirty frock – I have a dress I can dance in.

The most important aspect of our wedding is…

  1. That every detail is really “us”, from the guest list to the décor.
  2. The ceremony is the most important part of the day – everything else is just dressing.
  3. The dress and the details – it has to look beautiful.
  4. Everybody coming together to celebrate. As long as everyone is having a good time, we’ll be happy.

Are you stressed out about the wedding?…

  1. Not really – the hardest part has been making a final decision; there’s so much to choose from!
  2. A little bit, but we haven’t planned anything very complicated so we’re confident it will go well.
  3. Absolutely – I want everything to be 100% perfect.
  4. Not really – whatever will happen is meant to happen!

Who has helped you to plan your wedding?…

  1. We’ve had help from friends and family but made all the important decisions as a couple.
  2. We’ve planned it together with our families but we’ve made the final decisions.
  3. I have a whole team of helpers, friends, family, bridesmaids and the groom, of course.
  4. Friends and family have helped out here and there but we’ve done a lot of it ourselves.

Have you done any DIY for your big day?…

  1. Yes, I have about a million projects on the go – being creative has been my favourite part of the wedding.
  2. We’ve made a couple of things but generally we’ve bought everything.
  3. No, I’d like everything to look professionally made.
  4. Not yet, but I’m sure we’ll end up making a lot of the decorations.

You Are…

So, which wedding cake flavour are you? Add up your answers and find out!

Mostly A – Chocolate & Chilli

You’re a totally unique kind of bride and you definitely know what you want. You have put a lot of creativity and soul into your wedding and have trouble choosing between all the fabulous ideas floating around in your head. Don’t worry though, the chocolate flavour will make sure your wedding is really sweet and the chilli will give it that kick you’re after – and it’s something lovely and different.

Mostly B – Fruitcake Without the Bits

You’re quite traditional and you have an idea of how your wedding should go, but you’re not afraid to inject your own ideas and personality into your big day. Like the gorgeous, traditional fruitcake, but without the bits, you’re a twist (dare we say improvement?) on a wonderful classic.

Mostly C – Rose

Like the gorgeous rose flower, with its delicate and sweet flavour, you want your big day to be absolutely flawless; and why not? It’s your day to be an absolute queen (never mind princess) and you should enjoy every moment of it. Just remember to relax and take it all in and you’ll have your perfect day!

Mostly D – Piña Colada

You’re one laid-back bride! Friends and family are really important to you and so the most vital aspect of your wedding is having a really great party. Because of your fun personality your wedding will naturally be very “you”. Just make sure you don’t leave things until the last minute – you want to be this relaxed right at the end of your planning!

Guest post by Marie Sinclair of GC Couture

Image of Cindy Wedding Cake from GC Couture

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