There is no doubt that a five, six or seven tiered wedding cake looks really impressive and would certainly create that ‘wow’ factor for most wedding receptions. But what happens when you are only having a guest list of under 100, but still want to have an extravagant multi-tiered cake display?

A possible answer is to have mini cakes or cupcakes on a tiered cake stand. This trend for mini cakes has been around for a years now and doesn’t show signs of fading. You can offer each of your guests a beautifully crafted mini cake or cupcake, presented to them on a plate for dessert or with coffee. You could even put them in a clear box for them to take home after the wedding.

Wedding Mini Cakes

Mini Cakes Can Have the Same Impact As Tiered

Some of the wedding venues that I have delivered to are so enormous that they really need a cake with some height. You can fit 100 mini cakes/cupcakes (with a top tier cutting cake) on a seven tiered cake stand. I must admit that I think they look just fantastic! The little cakes can have the same design a tiered cake would. Icing colours, sugar designs and flowers can all match any theme you may be having at your wedding reception.

Cupcakes on Tiered Cake Stand with Top Cutting Cake

Mini cakes are slightly more formal and are usually served to the guest by your caterers. If you chose cupcakes you could get all your guests to help themselves from the stand, making it fun and much less formal.

The top tier cutting cake allows the bride and groom to include the all important cake cutting ceremony and photo opportunity.

Guest post by May Clee-Cadman of Maisie Fantaisie

Images from…

Mini Cakes: Jo Richards Photography

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