Anyone with access to Pinterest will have seen the beautiful wedding cake and dessert tables which are so decadent that they look too good to be true. But how do you create your own cake table that’s so pretty you won’t want to dismantle it when it’s time to cut the cake? Here are my top tips for achieving a picture-perfect wedding cake table.

Choose a Breathtaking Cake

It goes without saying that your wedding cake is the striking centrepiece of your feast for the eyes, but that doesn’t mean you need to go for a traditional tiered creation (although this would look beautiful).

Wedding Cake Table with Tiered Cake Centrepiece

Consider cupcakes, macarons or a cake pop tower as alternatives if a standout cake isn’t your thing. Another option is to go for the best of both worlds and find a stunning cake with some extra sweet treats to complement it.

Talk to Your Wedding Venue

Communicating with your venue is key. Make sure they have a suitable table, whether that’s a cake table or a larger platform to display even more.

Wedding Cake Table with Bicycle Backdrop

Another thing to consider is what will be in the background. You could have the most gorgeous cake table imaginable, but a fire exit sign sticking out like a sore thumb or a clashing wallpaper or carpet colour could ruin the effect.

Your Tablecloth Counts

As obvious as it sounds, a suitable tablecloth can make all the difference to a wedding cake table. Even if your tablecloth is plain white linen, make sure that it is clean and properly ironed so that it doesn’t stand out for the wrong reasons.

Wedding Cake Table with Pink Tablecloth

There are also many ways to make your tablecloth a feature in its own right. From beautiful lace or embroidery for a vintage look to dazzling sequins or chevron runners, you can really make a statement before you’ve even decorated the cake table.

Find Adorable Decorations

If you’re thinking about above-and-beyond details like the intricacies of your wedding cake table, you no doubt have a colour scheme or theme you’re working with. Stick with your colour palette and choose extras to dot in between your edible beauties.

Wedding Cake Table Decorated with Brightly Coloured Flowers

Go online and find some beautiful and inexpensive decorations for your table. Sites like Etsy have a huge selection. It could be anything from paper pom poms to background garlands or unique cake toppers or flags. Chat to your cake designer too as they may already know of the perfect décor to go with your chosen cakes, and let them know if you’re planning to use a cake topper.

Give Your Photographer a Heads-Up

While a good photographer will naturally pick up on standout details, it doesn’t hurt to let them know what you’re trying to create when it comes to your wedding cake table.

Photographer Taking Picture of Wedding Cake Table

While the most important thing is that your cake table wows you and your guests, it’s also nice to have a well-shot memento of all your hard work.

Guest post by Marie Sinclair of GC Couture

Images from…

Table with Tiered Cake Centrepiece: Shoops Photography

Cake Table with Bicycle Backdrop: Gideon Photography

Table with Pink Tablecloth: My Heart Skipped

Cake Surrounded by Coloured Flowers: Amanda Karen Photography

Photographer Taking Picture: Cristina Rossi

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