One of the key elements when planning your wedding is to ensure you mark your big day with personal touches. You can include details that reflect each of your personalities in many ways, including your wedding cake design.

Novelty Wedding Cakes

Ask yourself what impression you want to make on your guests when they walk into your reception; chic, cool, fun, romantic? If you and your partner have a hobby (skiing, mountain climbing, painting etc) then do you want to include this in your wedding cake design? You could choose a novelty wedding cake with a skiing couple cake topper for instance, or an artist’s palette nestled into some sugar flowers.

Lego Movie Novelty Wedding Cake

School Themed Novelty Wedding Cake

Carnival Novelty Wedding Cake

Even smaller, subtle design details can add just the right amount of your personality, so when your guests see the cake they smile in recognition.

Alternatively, rather than opting for a novelty wedding cake design, you could highlight each of your personalities in other ways. If you are a fun couple then perhaps a cake covered with multicoloured polka dots. Or, if you are flamboyant, maybe a cake covered with rambling sugar or fresh flowers, or just your favourite flower.

Fun, Colourful Wedding Cake

Daisy and Sunflower Wedding Cake

Subtle, Personal Touches

Choosing a classic design, perhaps a white wedding cake with a diamant√© buckle and some fresh flowers on the top, highlights elements of your personality which may also make your guests nod knowingly, smile and say… “well yes, of course they would choose that design”.

White Wedding Cake with Bows and Flowers

Whatever you want your wedding cake to reflect, make certain that you choose the right cake designer. Some designers specialise in novelty wedding cakes, where others are more proficient with sugar flowers or chocolate work. Ask a few designers for some initial ideas and then ask yourself which is the right one for you.

Guest post by May Clee-Cadman of Maisie Fantaisie

Images from…

Lego Movie Wedding Cake: Jonny Barratt Photography

School Themed Wedding Cake: Live View Studios

Carnival Wedding Cake: Lorraine Claire Photography

Fun Colourful Wedding Cake: Jo Richards Photography

Daisy and Sunflower Wedding Cake: Juliet McKee Photography

White Wedding Cake with Bows and Flowers: Lumiere Photography

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