I find that more brides are choosing their wedding cake design based on their own individual tastes, fashion style and the colour scheme of their wedding, rather than any trends. Brides are becoming more confident and are thus happy to order a wedding cake based on their own tastes, with no need to feel forced to follow a particular trend.

As brides choose more individual themes for their wedding they can also choose a completely individual wedding cake. However, there will of course always be trends, and here are my predictions for the 2016 wedding cake trends…

Pastel Pretty

Pastel colours such as pinks, corals, yellows, baby blues and mint greens are always popular choices, but I predict pastels will be big for wedding cakes in 2016. Pastels are so pleasing to the eye, and so much can be done in terms of the style and design of cake. They can act as a canvas on which to place a bride’s own thoughts, or they can look classic and elegant as they are.

Spring Love Wedding Cake by GC Couture

Size Matters

Tall wedding cakes will always be the most popular – the bigger the better in most cases. In African, Greek and Arab culture it’s as big as you can get through the door, and English wedding cakes used to be an average of three or four tiers, but we are noticing the average number of tiers now is six to eight.

Summer Passion Wedding Cake by GC COuture

As tall wedding cakes are in vogue at the moment there is less demand for cake toppers. I predict an increase in tiers for 2016 wedding cakes, so the top tier of the cake has almost replaced the traditional cake topper. Tall wedding cakes really have the wow factor, so brides should make sure they put it on display to really show it off.


I don’t think cupcakes will ever be as popular as tiered wedding cakes, but we still have a few orders for the more informal and casual weddings. For visual impact you can arrange cupcakes on tiers and display them in a similar fashion to a traditional wedding cake.

Champagne Cupcake Tower by GC Couture

Love Birds

Unusually we’ve had a recent flurry of peacocks and ducks on wedding cakes, so perhaps birds and animals will become more of a wedding cake trend in 2016.

Springtime Sweethearts Wedding Cake by GC Couture

Top Tier Tradition

The tradition of keeping the top tier of the wedding cake for a baby’s christening usually only happens if a mother puts pressure on their young daughter. More mature brides tend to keep the top tier for their anniversary, which is a sweet twist on the tradition and could become more popular in 2016.

Winter Wishes Wedding Cake by GC Couture

Guest post by Marie Sinclair of GC Couture

Images from GC Couture. Tiered cakes from the GC Couture ‘Seasons of Sugar’ 2016 Collection

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