It can be difficult to write about wedding trends. A wedding is such a personal thing, and I believe your own taste is more timeless than whatever is in fashion at the time. However, a current trend might give you the inspiration or encouragement you need to go for something special you might have otherwise missed. So, if you’re looking for an excuse to play with wedding cake flavours, colours and shapes, 2015 is your year. Here are some emerging wedding cake trends to look out for in 2015.

Ditch the Fruitcake

2015 will see couples become more adventurous with their choice of wedding cake flavours. We’re already seeing couples becoming bolder with their flavour combinations and unusual but delicious choices, so don’t be afraid to go for that chocolate and pistachio cake or honey, ginger and lime delight. In 2015 there are no rules when it comes to how your wedding cake should taste.

Bride and groom about to eat wedding cake

Say It with Marsala

An earthy, wine red, Pantone’s colour of 2015 is Marsala. It’s a fantastic choice of accent colour, particularly for summer or autumn weddings. Evoking the appearance of crushed berries, using Marsala as part of your wedding cake design can bring an otherwise traditional look into 2015, using one of the year’s hottest trends.

If deep, rustic red isn’t your thing then don’t worry. The metallic colour trend isn’t going anywhere, and you can’t go wrong teaming gold and silver with soft pastel shades. My personal favourite combinations include rose gold with pastel pink, metallic silver with baby blue and bronze with soft lilac.

Copper Detailed Wedding Cake

Say It with a Sweet Suite

Why have one cake when you can have an entire sweet suite? Add a beautiful display of macarons, cake pops, cookies and mini cakes to combine the sweet-toothed trends of recent years into an epic feast. Trust me, your guests will love it!

Wedding Cake Table with Pink Tablecloth

Play with Shapes

2015 will see couples playing with different-shaped tiers. A square base can support a structure of round tiers, or a round tier can support a stunning heart-shaped layer. Varied dimensions and sizes will be big in 2015, so don’t be afraid to dust off the old geometry books for inspiration.

Cameo Wedding Cake by GC Couture

Fresh is Best

Spring and summer weddings will see a resurgence of fresh flowers decorating wedding cakes. While sugar flowers have been incredibly popular in 2014, 2015 will see a much more natural approach with cut flowers adorning naked cakes. Perfect as a garden party or country style wedding cake.

Naked Wedding Cake with Fresh Flowers by Genuine Cakes

This Time It’s Personal

One fantastic trend I’m looking forward to in 2015 is actually pretty timeless. An increasing number of couples are now requesting personalised wedding cakes. For example, adding their own family crests, specially made monograms or family mottos.

Raquel Wedding Cake by GC Couture

Some couples choose to add a personal touch by including the lace design from their wedding dress or a motif inspired by a family heirloom or piece of jewellery. The fantastic thing is that it’s entirely reflective of the couple. It can be modern, vintage or completely off the wall, so long as it screams ‘personality’.

Guest post by Marie Sinclair of GC Couture

Images from…

Couple About to Eat Cake: Paola De Paola Photography

Copper Detailed Wedding Cake: Amanda Karen Photography

Cake Table: My Heart Skipped

Cake with Different Shaped Tiers and Cake with Dress Pattern: GC Couture

Naked Wedding Cake: Genuine Cakes

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