The wedding cake trends for 2011 see couples going back to more traditional looking wedding cakes, sticking to softer colours and simple yet elegant decoration.

Matching Dress Details

Matching the wedding cake to the bride’s dress is also a popular design choice. Lacy designs are still a favourite amongst brides, but new trends in bridal wear with big ruffles, pleats, pintucks and corsages have seen these interesting elements also incorporated into the wedding cake.

Lace Detailed Wedding Cake

Floral Wedding Cakes

Simple and elegant floral designs are also popular for 2011 wedding cakes, with traditional English flowers such as roses and hydrangeas amongst the favourites. These designs can be made in any colour to match the colour scheme of the wedding.

Wedding Cake with Sugar Roses

Big is Best

Couples are also opting for larger wedding cakes to create that wow factor element and incorporating ‘dummy’ tiers to make the cake look more impressive without having too much left over. ‘Dummy’ tiers are iced just like the rest of the cake – you just need to remember which ones they are!

Tall Wedding Cake with Small Sugar Flowers

Experimenting with different height tiers is also becoming a lot more common. This is usually tied with different design elements on the different depth cakes.

Wedding Cake with Different Height Tiers


When it comes to what’s inside the actual wedding cake itself it seems the traditional fruit cake is a long way down the list of favourite flavours. The idea of keeping the top tier for a christening or 1st wedding anniversary has almost disappeared! Instead couples are opting for classic sponge, chocolate and non-traditional wedding cake flavours such as carrot, marble and white chocolate.

Guest post by Zoe Clark of The Cake Parlour

Images from The Cake Parlour