Congratulations, you’ve been selected as a bridesmaid – but now comes the hard part. It’s not all drinking bubbly and pouring over wedding magazines (well, it kind of is, but there’s some planning required in between). As a hen party aficionado, Lauren of Last Night of Freedom rounds up the unspoken duties of being a bridesmaid. Basically, plan an unforgettable hen party, and you’re halfway there…


As one of the chosen ones, it falls on you to plan the most unforgettable hen weekend. Ever. And, of course, the location is the most important part of the celebrations.

Beach in Marbella

There are a variety of gorgeous cities to choose from – marvellous Marbs to notorious Newcastle, picturesque Poznan to bustling Barcelona – so make sure you pick the absolute right one for the hen (it is her last night of freedom, after all), and book early to avoid disappointment.


In between all the celebrating, sipping bubbly and, just generally, causing carnage in your wake, there’s a huge selection of hen activities to while away the days.

Forbidden Nights hen party activity

Indulge your inner Robin Hood on the archery field, bomb about the countryside in a huge 4×4, or get creative in a boozy cocktail class and catch the gorgeous boys of Forbidden Nights in action. There are endless possibilities for her cheeky send-off into married life.


Hilarious and group-themed costumes are, most definitely, the best way to celebrate the hen weekend (and embarrass the blushing bride-to-be at the same time).

Carry Me hen party costumes from Last Night of Freedom

From sexy sailors to red-hot air hostesses, and even Baywatch babes, dress up and party ’til the early morning. And, for those bridesmaids feeling particularly brave, you could even don the Party Animal onesies, or the fascinating and oh-so-popular Carry Me Costumes.

Personalised T-Shirts

A personalised T-Shirt is a staple of any good hen party.

Hen Party T-Shirts

There’s no better way to let everyone within a 10 foot radius know you are on a hen weekend (and therefore unaccountable for the amount of cocktails you intend to drink). Although, good luck explaining how you got that nickname to the handsome gent at the bar…


It doesn’t have to stop at costumes and T-shirts. It’s the law of the hen weekend to adorn the bride-to-be in sashes, headboppers, fairy wings, tiaras, veils and, of course, willy shot glasses.

Hen Party Accessories

In fact, any accessory with a willy on is perfect for her very last night of freedom.


On a hen weekend it’s unlikely everyone knows each other, and there’s nothing like a game to break the ice in the group.

Hen Party Games

There are novelty drinking games, such as tic tac toe and shot roulette, to the cheekier games such as Never Have I Ever (you may have to cover her mother-in-law’s ears) and penis piñata. A game will get everyone ready for a fabulous night out before you know it.

Guest post by Lauren Green of Last Night of Freedom

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