I have put together a real mix of stag weekend ideas for 2018, from brilliant destinations to activities and adventure, which every stag weekend should include. Enjoy…


OK, Benidorm has the reputation of being a bit, how can I put it?… cheap and tacky. I didn’t pull any punches there! But what is a stag do without sensational nightlife, incredibly lively bars, a fantastic beach and loads of things to do? You get what it says on the tin – if Benidorm was canned, that is!

Benidorm Stag Weekend Location

Extreme Dodgems

Release your wackiness and bomb around the track in fully race-prepared saloon stock cars, testing your metal against your mates. Racing head-to-head, in proper Dodgems racing cars, I sense you’re going to have some fun!

Extreme Dodgems Cars Stag Weekend Activity

White Water River Bugging

A unique, adventurous water themed stag activity which you will absolutely love. Located in North Wales, this activity will see you flying down rapids on a (very sturdy) inflatable white water bug.

Sound dangerous? Well it is, a little, but you are kitted out with wetsuit, buoyancy aid, helmet, wetsuit socks and webbed gloves, and you’ll also have an instructor with you at all times.

White Water River Bugging Stag Weekend Activity


If you’re looking for somewhere with fantastic nightlife and tons of activities for your 2018 stag weekend then Sheffield is your man, or woman – let’s not be sexist.

Karts, paintball, quads and Totally Wiped Out are to name just a few of the activities on offer during the day, and then you have pubs and bars galore plus clubs and the world-famous Spearmint Rhino for your night out.

Paintballing Stag Weekend Activity


Curling is a massive Winter Olympics sport which you can now actually take part in on your stag do. Head over to Bratislava where you’ll learn to not only stay on your feet, but to get the feel of this very addictive sport. Learn when to release the stones, how spinning the stone makes a difference and how to get a perfect bullseye!

Curling Stones

Cocktail Masterclasses

We have noticed a huge interest in drink themed activities for stags, with cocktail making becoming a very poplar activity. You will have a session with a master, and most include copious amounts of drinks, games and some food. It’s a perfect activity before the big night out.

Cocktail Masterclass Stag Weekend Activity

Deep Sea Fishing

Get a few tinnies and head down to the harbour. Luckily your boat, bait and tackle are all sorted, along with a skipper to take you out to the best fishing spots. So, grab yourself a weird little canvass chair, open a beer and get fishing and drinking, responsibly that is.

Expect to catch Mackerel, Bream, Pollock and Conga Eels in the UK, and bigger fish abroad, including shark!

Deep Sea Fishing Stag Weekend Activity

Escape Room

In this activity your stag group needs to escape a room so you can get on with the weekend. However, there are clues and problems to solve so you’ll need to work together as a team or you’ll never get out.

Escape room is a great bonding activity, usually in the middle of a busy city. It’s a great laugh and a perfect activity to fit into your stag weekend in 2018, should you find a gap.

Escape Room Stag Weekend Activity

Guest post by Marco Walker of Designaventure

Images from…

Extreme Dodgems and White Water River Bugging: Designaventure

All Other Images: Pixabay

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