Horses for courses. It’s a great saying which basically means not everyone is into the same thing. The minute you mention a stag do your mind is awash of full-on drinking and clubbing, but not every stag group is the same. Some stag groups just want to relax.

So with that in mind here are some relaxing stag do ideas for the group looking to just simply chill out…

Man Laying on the Ground Relaxing

Rent a Country Cottage

Firstly, get yourselves out of the smog and into some crystal clear country air. Secondly, book into a country cottage which is miles from civilisation. Take a football, frisbee, newspaper (just in case there’s no wifi) and just chill with the boys. Make sure there’s a barbecue and you’ve been to the supermarket and stocked up on food and drink. You’ve now got yourself a stag do in the country.

One word of warning… make sure your accommodation accepts single sex parties. If you turn up and they’re not aware you’re a stag party you may find yourself with nowhere to stay.

Camp and Canoe

Now if there’s a stag weekend that has the hallmark of pure chilling out, then camping and canoeing is guilty as charged.

Just imagine floating down river with cool, soothing tunes playing from your waterproof speaker (not too loud, you don’t want to break the vibe). Stop off at a riverside pub for lunch and get to your campsite just before sundown – well, there’s no rush is there.

Country Retreats and Spa Hotel

A spa hotel is not just for hen parties. Take the boys there, get massaged and enjoy a relaxing stag weekend.

If a spa is not your thing, a country retreat is also a great getaway for chilling out. With a great restaurant and bars on the grounds all you have to do is roll out of bed and get waited on all day. If you fancy doing something in the day some country retreats may offer Clay Pigeon Shooting, 4×4 Driving or Archery.

Villa Abroad with a Pool

The UK is not known for great weather, so pack your bags and book yourselves on a flight to Spain or Portugal and hire out a villa with a pool. Most villas these days come with air conditioning and barbecue so all you’ll need to do is rock up with a load of groceries and then relax in the sun. Don’t forget the inflatables and your tunes.


Relaxed is a word which describes being in a state of less tense or anxiety. You can get to this relaxing state of mind in many ways, and one of them is walking. So if your main focus is to make your stag as chilled out as a Jamaican bass player, take him on a walk.

Make it as long or as short as you want. North Wales, The Peak District, Ben Nevis, Brecon Beacons… there are more places to walk than you can shake a walking stick at!

Guest post by Marco Walker of Designaventure

Image from Pixabay

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